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Everything is awful, except, perhaps, the cat. I am tired of things going wrong. And I really don't want to go to work tomorrow.
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Just finished watching "The Legend of Hell House" on Netflix. All I gotta say is--wait, what?
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Yesterday I had a 6:45 pm doctor's appointment. I did not get to see him until 7:30 pm. He prescribed me medication that might help with weight loss. I am not sure yet if I am going to take it. I don't really want to. But my knees and my feet are bothering me lately. It would help to be less fat. If it helps? And of course I don't have the medication yet and I do not remember the name so I can't google around and see what people say about it.

I had So Much Trouble getting out of bed today you guys. I wanted to call in so bad.

And yet I am here, being all dependable office worker.

I'd rather be at home with the cat watching TV or something.
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I gotta go to a doctor appointment instead of going home. Bleah.
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It was some kind of soap opera family, with everybody very pretty, living in a huge house with a pool and maybe criminals? The second sister self-harmed by poking herself in a hand with a metal hook when she was in the pool. And then she left and the hook was stuck into the deck? And two different people stepped on it and hurt their feet, but they only went to treat their wounds and did not warn anyone about the hook or take it away? I woke up because I was pissed at these people being so irresponsible.
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Yesterday after work I went to the library to exchange books, and then I picked up my meds (and had a flu shot).

Home I managed to not do anything else including shower.

I am just so exhausted most of the time. If I do a little bit, I am even more exhausted later.

Barely crawled out of bed today. At least it is no longer hot.
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Tonight I dreamed I had breast cancer. In the dream I found it out when I poked a hole in my breast and a bunch of paper with diagnosis fell out. I mean, WTF, brain?
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Went to my parents' yesterday evening. Ate and run away very fast because they had the Russian TV on. I don't know what it is, but I just can't stand watching Russian TV. It makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and go "la-la-la" loudly.

Today it is kind of raining and I have a headache.

I changed the cover of my Kindle to a plastic one that I had bought. My old fabric (?) one is so worn out I feel uncomfortable showing it to people. The new one is kind of heavy though? I tried to use it a couple of times before, but I went back to the old one because this one just did not sit right in my hand. At least I did not have that problem today?

I found a gorgeous cell phone cover on Amazon. But it is an open front phone cover. My current (well used) phone cover is a wallet. Not only would I worry about breaking the screen, but I also would need to come up with a new place to keep my MetroCard.

Hey, tell me about your phone cover! Is it a wallet or an open face? It it's an open face how do you manage to keep from breaking your screen?

Also, where do you keep your MetroCard or the equivalent? (It a card that pays for public transport in NYC. You have to swipe it in the turnstile to use it, so it would have to be in a folder that is easy for taking out/putting back in.) But also, it is very thin, so you have to be careful not to bend/break it.
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I spent the 3-day weekend proudly doing nothing, with the exception of the driving lesson and a visit to the psychiatrist. I did not even take a shower. I took it today in the morning, before going to work. To do that, I actually got out of bed at 5:30 am. I am starting to suspect that that was not the best idea. I feel very woozy.

Mother invited me to come over and it some kholodetz, which is basically meat jello. I think I am going to go. Maybe. Probably.

I have downloaded a free book that recommended to me. I am glad I paid no money for it. It reads like fanfic, and not very proficient one. Yes, I guess it is self-published. I want to know how it managed to get the almost five-star rating. I mean, it has a lot of votes, not just a couple? I feel betrayed.
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Yesterday I dropped a half full bottle of Snapple on the kitchen floor. I shut the cat up in the bedroom and cleaned, but my floor is still sticky and I just found a piece of glass on the carpeting in the hallway.

Today is supposed to be my first driving lesson.
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All right, so I warmed up to "The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss". It is now funny to me.

Read a fic yesterday that magically ticked all my buttons. It was very weird.

I guess I am on the upswing. I am wondering how to manage to fit exercising in my days, and how I could get a social life.
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Today, by the end of my commute to work, I was dripping with sweat. On October 5 in New England. Fuck this shit with pointy sticks.

Tonight I woke up at 3:30 am and did not fall back asleep until 5:40 am. My alarm is at 6.

Also, there was no cat co-sleeper.
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I slept pretty well last night. (I also managed a shower. Go me.) The cat has spend most of the night in a kitty circle at the foot of the bed, which I suspect made me sleep better.

My phone (A Galaxy S5) has been doing some weird shit lately, including random loud commercials in the morning. Today I was awake enough and irritated enough to see if I could fix that. According to the internets the probable culprit is the new incarnation of Peel Remote. Of course you cannot actually un-install Peel Remote (gods, I hate bloatware), but you can disable it. I also removed all permissions and killed the notifications. Will see if it helps. If anyone knows how to remove bloatware from a Galaxy phone, let me know, OK?

I am actually in disturbingly good mood right now. Can't wait for it to take swan dive.
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Tonight I dreamed that teenaged Tony Stark pretended to be a girl to get in some guys pants, but he kind of rubbed of on him and came in his own pants, thus revealing that he was actually a guy? I have a lot of really weird really distinct dreams. I blame my meds.

Today people at work want me to guess where the expense is to go. It has been suggested that I get some training on this guessing game, but I am highly suspicious.

I am reading a book I won on GoodReads giveaway that is trying very hard to be funny, yet makes me want to hit my head on something hard every time I open it. I mean, it is a mystery, so at this point I am curious where it is going, but... very weird book, all I am saying.
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Oh, look it's monday. Everything is fucking awful.
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Spent most of the day in bed trying to doze off. Only managed to do it once.

Well, it does seem to be autumn. Today I had to put on socks when at home because my naked feet were too cold.

Finally finished book "The Girl Who Drank The Moon", which I did not really like. I am probably not the right audience. Also finished movie "The Accountant". I am... not entirely happy with the treatment of non-neurotypical (sp?) characters in the movie. Seems somewhat exploatory. Or something?
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Today is really not that bad *crosses fingers* My head is attempting to hurt, but the insanity on the work is somewhat better today, so that's a plus. Also, should get a lift home today. And I am going to have chicken tenders to eat, because I had to order a delivery for lunch, and you have to order for more than one person to hit the delivery limit.

On the other hand what I really want is baked goods.
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Just got a talking to from my director for falling behind of filing. Because I have been fucking pulling files for audits. Shockingly, there is only one of me.
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Yesterday an 18 year old boy in NYC school knifed a 15-year old and a 16-year old. One of them died.

After I got groceries, got a call from one of my former co-workers we were friendly with. She is about to be evicted because she can't make rent. So, I loaned her some money. (I suspect I am not going to be getting it back, but oh well.) I hope it helps? I spent the next couple of hours freaking out. (She is about my age, an office worker, and has SO/children, except both of her parents are dead.) On the plus side, Valium works better on me than Xanax. On the minus side, apparently it does not make me sufficiently sleepy to actually, you know, go to sleep. And then when I was finally drifting off the cat came to sing the song of his people.

Today I am feeling somewhat better, but still out of sorts. I am at work and am really really missing my cat right now. (And also crying. Well, I guess I get to take Xanax. Because I don't have any Valium with me.)

Today my father is not working, so I have to take the subway home after work, and I was not awake enough in the morning to wear shoes that would not give me blisters. I am not on my brightest early in the morning, folks.

Also, Puerto Rico is still in shambles.

And the Orange Plaguelis is still the president.

Anyway, got anything nice to share?
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