Mar. 3rd, 2017

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Today I woke up at 5 am with a deep understanding that I left the phone to charge in the kitchen and did not bring it to the bedroom as usual. So I got up and got it and went back to bed and spent the next two hours dozing on and off. Of curse, I should actually get up at 6 am, so.

Once I was a little more awake I realized that I have a low level throat pain, and that my nose in on its way to being stuffed up. Looks like I am trying to get sick. That is not good at all. I took some Sudafed, so I don't feel that bad right now, but my throat is still complaining.

Meanwhile, it is cold and windy in NYC (again). I cannot believe I was in my leather jacket two days ago.

Also, I really need to get my brows done at some point. I would have gone yesterday, but a) I had on a coat that was a bit too thin for the weather, and b) I was feeling dead tired. (I guess my cold has already been on the horizon.)

I have not brought lunch today, because I had sandwiches for lunch, it feels like forever, so I am hoping for lo-main today.

Also, I have forgotten to put the Kindle back into my backpack in the morning, so I did not read during my morning commute. I listened to music instead.
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Today I found out that when Starship Troopers movie came out, people did not realize it was a satire of a war propaganda movie. How? How you can see this movie as an adult and not notice that?
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