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I have been thinking about "Scream Queens" plot holes for some reason. Yes, I know, the show is just having fun with the concept and has no realism in it in any way ever, but Spoilers for Scream Queens )

Meanwhile I am reading a horror book. The characters are creating a man-made animal, for reasons. Than this happens:

SECURITY GUY: This thing was supposed to be a placental mammal with the temperament of a cow. This thing has claws, it has developed rending teeth while still in the womb, and it is going to be about 500 pounds when it is born. You fucked something up. We need to kill them with fire before they are born.
VET TECH: O.M.G, did you fucking see that? Kill them with fire!
SCIENTIST: I think I fucked something up when I was putting together the genome. We really need to kill them with fire. Right now.
CHIEF SCIENTIST: Hmmm... This is weird. I think we should get some cages?

Do you ever wonder which of your childhood memories are true ones, and which might have been made up from something your family told you? I have a bunch of memories that has gotta be fakes, since I know for a fact there are photographs that depict the scenes... But it's difficult to tell.
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