Aug. 28th, 2015

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Aug. 28th, 2015 12:02 pm
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It's dark a fuck, btw, even for an apocalyptic novel. YMMV

Today is a day. I feel weird, like possibly I am dealing with a random virus thing, except I have no fever. I also have absolutely no spoons. I have gotten myself to my psych MD appointment, but I am still not sure how I managed that.
Also, the cat has been actually sleeping in my computer chair for the last couple of weeks, hiding.  Today he is sleeping wherever I am sitting, mostly couch. Cats.

The following is going to be TMI, but I don't have enough brain to make the "cut", so beware.

I've been having a trouble with peeing. Not completely, but noticeably. The likeliest culprit is actually a medication. So, do I stop taking my depression meds? My allergy meds? *falls over* (If there is ever an option to switch to a non-biological body, I am game.)
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