Aug. 25th, 2015

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Aug. 25th, 2015 12:03 pm
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thornsilver: (Default)
Except for those lovely times when it is the heat, the humidity, and the necessity to wear "business" clothing, which is not only generally uncomfortable, but also not designed for NYC summer. I was pretty miserable, but managed to finish all of this with only minimum foot blisters. Dear Spaghetti Monster, I really need a job. I think you would approve this one. It's for a restaurant.

Meanwhile, my father threw his back out this morning. I could not actually come and mind him because of the interview, and mother really could not stay home today for life or money. My dad is someone mobile now, so it is not as urgent, but the situation managed to somehow spawn a farce, as my father's half-brother and his wife decided that my dad with in the hospital, and then could not find him in said hospital, or reach my father (he was on the phone with hospital and insurance), my mother (she was at work away from her phone), or me (I was in subway). I had a lot of fun coming up from underground a getting *that* phone message.

After I got home I went to sit with dad. (He insisted.) This time was spent in him watching YouTube videos on exercises to help your back, while I listened to music on my phone and hoped to drop dead from boredom. Seriously, how many of those in a row can you watch? I had back problems before, and I was bored after the first one. Also my dad is kind of deaf (because he refuses to get his wax build up cleaned) and the TV was on loud.

And then I ran away home to feed my cat through the outside air that somehow turned more sniffling in the couple of hours of my TV torture session.

Incidentally, I am so happy that I have a lap top with WiFi that can be taken to the air conditioned room, there are simply no words to express.
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