Jul. 7th, 2015

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Jul. 7th, 2015 12:01 pm
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My perfect day will have better weather, more things accomplished and also (and this is important) less pain and frustration.

I have gotten my ass to the blood collecting place. I was ten minutes late getting there, because I am me, but it went pretty decent after that. Very little waiting time, the phlebotomist has gotten my vein immediately and did not need to poke around inside my arm. I have taken the band aid off, and it looks like I am not even going to have a bruise this time, truly we live in time of miracles.

I have eaten at Chipotle, because I had to fast for the tests and Chipotle was the closest place to the lab.

And then I went to B&N because I had to wait for the library to open and the book store was blessed with air conditioning. Also books. I actually considered going to see "Inside Out", but I had to wait for the first showing, and by that time my headache was not up to dealing with noises, even with the help of Tylenol and Aleve.

So, I chilled in the library, got some food and some Diet Coke to carry home and picked up my books from the library. There were actually three, not two as I expected. I also picked up a "Batgirl" graphic novel. I wanted to take out a volume of "Animal Man", but the library computer did not recognize the book as being in the system, alas.

Then I have gotten home. By this time I had a horrible headache, so I hit it with some Excedrin and crawled into bed. I was not up to anything else. I also could not sleep, because Excedrin contains caffeine. Eventually the headache went down some, but now most of my body is vaguely aching, I am still sleepy and I have no spoons for anything that requires concentration. Or movement. Or, perhaps, breathing.
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