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"Neko Atsume" is a phone game that kind of eats your life. These are the things that currently have happened in my game:

Spoilers probably?

Treasures: a nut(?), a fast food wrapper(?), a cat toy with feather and string.

Special cats:

Cat in a Baseball Uniform. (Toy--baseball)
Two-tailed Demon Cat(?). (Toy--expensive square white pillow)
Menaki Neko.(Toy--Large Box that looks like a house.)
Cat wearing a kimono and sitting cross legged. (Toy--expensive square pink pillow.)
Fat cat.(Comes to eat all of the expensive food.)


If you put out the smallest box, the cat playing with it will crawl inside so that only its behind sticks out, looking exactly like Maru playing with his boxes.

If you put out the second smallest box, the cat will sit in it in classical "If it fits, I sits" pose, with cat's legs inside, but the rest of it hanging out.

The creators of this game clearly met some cats.
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Dear Universe, can I has a job?

Thanks, me.

(Yes, smart asses, I am actively looking!)
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