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But I suppose perhaps somewhat better? I have no mental energy for anything, regardless. Coming home means feeding the cat, feeding me and then either coloring or Pokemon White until I go to bed. Anything that makes noise (like, say movies/tv) or anything that requires any involvement whatsoever like books, or fanfic, is totally out of the question. I am not even mentioning internet socialization here. Meanwhile, I have been using Duolingo in the the morning at work. (I get in about 15 minutes early.)Current verdict: I like it.

Yesterday was a bit of a hyper day, so I managed a number of chores that meant running around like crazy. (Good thing the weather was nice.) It ended with my visiting my parents, at which point my steam run out and I did my best to fall asleep on their couch and barely made it back home around sixish. Also, met my cousin Z on the street. I knew she lives in the neighborhood, but, given blah relations between my parents and her parents, we did not really interacted at all. My depression and the fact that I find human interaction extremely draining did not help. I can't remember if the last time I've seen her was when we just came to US, of if she was there at grandmother's funeral. We made a tentative appointment to meet up for a cup of coffee, providing I text her. I don't really want to, because my social scale is over the limit already, but perhaps I need to do it. She is 9 years older than I am, and, much like me, has not immediate family except for her parents. Lonely weirdos stick together? It is just that I am not feeling all that well, in addition to everything. Both my sinuses and my stomach are bothering me today.

I had a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning. I actually want to be back in it pretty badly, but there are Things I Must Do, and I cannot possibly do them on work days.
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Oh, strangers, of course. Followed by friends. Keep my family out of it if at all possible.

Mind you, there is also a lot of good in keeping your problem to yourself.
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I tend to think of "love" as something made up to explain away hormonal insanity. Given that, I don't belive in "true love". However, change "love at first sight" to "lust at first sight", and I really can't argue it exists.
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Anti-birth control.


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