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This book is a sequel to "Darwin's Radio", which I haven't read and don't necessarily burn to. Read more... )

In other news, dear technician. Yes, I know that the oven's lighter is supposed to click a couple of times and then shut up once the fire gets started. I called you because it wasn't doing it, remember? Patronizing is not buddies. I would have still given you a tip if you did not run away so fast. What's up with that?
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I suppose I am just not much for the Westerns. This particular book has been maliciously fostered on my by a co-worker who is normally a SF fan, so I was compelled to read it. I am still not a Western fan.

I tried to like it, and there are some genuinely amusing moments. On the other hand, I could not warm up to a single character, the whole story is pointless and the "earthy" moments were giving me fits.

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Incidentally, this book has been made into a TV movie.


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