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Extensive spoilers.

We all know I have a new love, right? )
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Because of Ai no Kusabi subject matter and the fact that it's a rare fandom, finding halfway decent fics is rather difficult. These are some that I have found:

Aftermath by Juxian Tang. Both Raoul and Katze loved Iason. What could they do now that he is dead? Meanwhile, Guy has to deal too. There be Raoul/Katze smut. There also be a very ugly non-con scene featuring some other characters. Be warned. (Caveat: I am pretty sure that cannon Katze cannot have an erection. Still, YMMV.)

Dark Side of the Moon by Razorqueen. Iason/Riki during and after separation, smut included.

Mousetrap by Mimea. An alternative explination for the development of Iason's Riki obsession. Iason/Riki.

Small Freedoms by Fuyu. Riki and Iason contemplate each other. Iason/Riki.

Umbilical by SarahQ. Iason always gets what he wants. Iason/Riki. Smut.

Wasteland and Fortress by Becca Abbott. Past the anime and probably AU. Iason/Riki, Raoul/Guy, OC/OC. Nice plot. Nice smut. (Caveat: NC, torture,and mysteriously quick mental and physical recovery.)

Further recs are extremely welcome.
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I have just gotten my "Ai no Kusabi" DVD. *incoherent squeege* I just saw a little bit of it, but *incoherent squeege*. OMG, Iason! *incoherent squeege*
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I want to read more Ai No Kusabi.

I want to finally get the DVDs.

I want to maybe write some of it too. 'Cause, honesly, it hits all my kinks.
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