Sep. 14th, 2017

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One of my co-workers just brought a pile of papers to my desk so that I could put a sticky labeling note on it. I had to ask her what to put on the note. That was very productive. Violence? What violence. No violence here.

I had dreams tonight. The ones I remember were:

-One where I was very angry at Steve Bannon and kept hitting his head with a door until it burst like a water-melon in a hippo's mouth.

-One where this world was created by ghosts because they wanted to be somewhere, and some kind of firm is trying to come up with the idea to kill ghosts. When they are reminded that ghosts created the world they laugh it off saying that it was a Chinese legend and therefore rank superstition.

In conclusion I might have to cut down my Twitter time.

EDIT: changed the "the"s to the "they"s.
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So, the blogs took the place of pen palling, I guess? What do people use these days instead of random chat?

(Because sometimes I feel like talking to people, but I am really unable to maintain a relationship.)
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Father had a thing on his forehead. He had to go see a dermatologist. Dermatologist said that it had to be removed, but it was not a cancer thing! \o/

Well, Ok then. :)
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