Sep. 5th, 2017

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I have done absolutely nothing this weekend once I came back home from my 5 hour class.

On my way there I was hit on by a random guy after he asked directions. Look I am a 40 year old woman whose closing style is "comfortable". Why.

On the other hand I realized that many years ago a man was trying to hit on me in the bookstore near the SF&F shelf. That is hilarious on all levels.
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This morning dad called with an electronics question. I gave him my advice. He proceeded to argue with me about it, as is his custom. (Do any of your less electronics savy relatives do this? Ask for advice then proceed to try explaining that it is wrong?) So then my mother tried to persuade me that a person moving from one job to another does not need recommendations. They are only for those who are searching while unemployed. At this point I had to disengage before starting to scream.

Later one of the co-workers turned a question I asked into something five times more complicated (and longer) then she should have.

Later we ordered lunch and it took the flipping restaurant forever to bring it.

Today (and for the rest of the week) father is not at work. So I have to climb up the steps to the subway (!?!) station, instead of getting a car lift. Of course today is also the day when my knees hurt and my back periodically protests my existence. Why.
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