Apr. 21st, 2017

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I live in a co-op which I own jointly with my mother. She is actually only on the ownership papers because I could not get a mortgage with my income when I was buying it, despite being able to pay it just fine, so I am trying to figure out if I can write her off the lease. Of course I have to get an approval from the co-op board first. I am worried that they will not let me do it, because my income is so low, even though I have never missed a payment. All of this is moot, because I seem to be unable to GET IN TOUCH with the fucking board so that I can attempt to jump this hoop. *sigh* Why does life have to be like that, I ask you?

Must remember to call my endocrinologist's office. He took my blood for testing, so he did not give me a refill on my thyroid med right away. I called on Wednesday, but the results were not ready yet. Thursday he was out. I must, must, must call today, or I will be out of medication. Of course my memory is not what I used to be.

Mother is trying to get Part B Medicare. My parents don't seem to be able to decide which one to pick. It's not like I can help.

Cat is being a cat.
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