Dec. 19th, 2015

thornsilver: (cat matters with tea cup)
Something weird has been going on with my Outlook/Hotmail account. I finally had a bright idea to change my password. Will see how that works out.

I feel sick. Because I am sick. I was pretty sure last week that I was getting sick, enough so that I have gotten some cold medicine, but I thought I just paranoid. Except it hit me this week pretty much like a wall of bricks. I am not sure if I have fever, because my head hurts so bad that I have taken tylenol AND advil for it, but otherwise I have head cold, cough and chills, so I think I qualify. *feels very sorry for herself*
thornsilver: (girl with notebook)

Oh, and I pulled my back again, and my headache is going loud and clear despite the painkillers,  so the reasons today is not-fun are just piling on there.


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