Nov. 18th, 2015

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Oh, this fucking day. FML

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And in the necessity to deal with people and making a good expression on them, I have been deliberately representing myself as being much more caring that I really am. It is kind of disconcerting to run a weird calculation in your head as to what to do or say to make the person(s) like to better. Usually, I don't bother, not long-term anyway. This makes me feel uneasy as hell. Today I have bought candy and apology card to give to a woman whose property I destroyed by accident because of something stupid she had done. But she is the queen bee of this office, or so I have been advised by people who worked there longer, so I was projecting guilt and sorrow like there is no tomorrow. I feel dirty. (This is not the only example, but it is probably the most egregious one.)

In other news, lost my nice leather gloves today. They were in a coat pocket together with my sunglasses, and I have to have dropped them as I pulled the sunglasses out. Dammit.

I could regale you with other tales, but I hit a wall of tired today and currently only want to chill at the couch with my cat and look at the pretty pictures on Tumblr.

Fare thee well.
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