Sep. 3rd, 2015

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Sep. 3rd, 2015 12:03 pm
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thornsilver: (Default)
I still feel ridiculously underslept, which is weird for a person who actually stays home and wakes up whenever most days.

So shrinkage. Then I got cheesecake and waited for the library to open, went to the library (filled out my MetroCard on my way), picked a bottle of Diet Coke and took a bus home, mostly because it was very hot to walk anywhere. Mostly ever.

Finally requested that handyman came. I don't like doing it, because I a) don't like dealing with people, b) don't like people seeing how fucked up my housekeeping is; c) am broke and rather not spend money tipping. But I am really not up to standing on a chair and changing my extra stupid light bulb, plus I realized today that the window that comes out on fire escape does not actually opens for more than a couple of inches, which seems to be a fire hazard. Plus, I gotta see if my window screens can be fixed. It is still too hot to open windows, but in a couple of weeks it would not be, and I would like to have no bugs home, 'kay?

Then I got home. My heard hurt. I was hot. And I was sleepy. So, I closed the bedroom door (to keep the cold inside and discourage cat from waking me up) and slept until evening, when my father woke me up because he could not find a pet store that he was looking for. His timing sucked balls. I could have easily slept more, but I am awake now, I guess?

Still no laundry done though. And I must remember to get cat litter..
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