Aug. 26th, 2015

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Aug. 26th, 2015 12:03 pm
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Had an extremely weird dream, where I was in college and then discovered I have some kind of contagions parasite bugs in my hair? Except they were not lice or fleas? And also there was a huge issue with me being allergic to the poison usually used to get rid of them, so you got a lot of medical professionals sighing and wondering if my medical insurance will cover these other things? (Meanwhile all of this is going on at the same time as some kind of history seminar I have to be at.) It ended with me being given a direction to also treat the cat in case he can be a carrier,even though these things are human parasite things? Seriously, it felt even weirder when I was asleep.
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I just watched "Cat in Paris" .  It is a very weird animated movie.  But the cat portrayal was perfect.

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