Jun. 24th, 2015

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Jun. 24th, 2015 12:02 pm
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One day my life will be less horrible. I probably need to write it down on a chalkboard a couple of hundred times.

Also, my headache is there today.

My allergies are pretty damned annoying, even given allergy meds. At least the weather was not completely horrible. It is much easier to tolerated heat when the humidity is low.

Other: there is a weird red thing on the skin of my left shoulder. It is not bleeding or growing, but it is not itching either. It looks scaly? I am not asking you to telepathically diagnose me through the internets. I am just trying to talk myself into making a doctor appointment. I am overdue for a check up anyway.

I finished "Into The Out Of" by Alan Dean Foster. The book came out in the 80s and it's hilarious to see that endorsements at the end of it are by authors I have no idea about. I guess they were popular at the time? The book itself is dated too. In a addition of being sexist, it takes "Magic Negro" trope and runs with it. Actually I have to say that it is one giant "Magic Negro" trope. So, you know, racist.

Speaking of being fat, I had actually found a bra that I like. And now I am so fat they do not make it in my size. Truly my life is full of horrors. (Mom dragged me to Macy's today. The clothes they make for fat women are fugly. But now I have some shorts that fit.)
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