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Like this ones are about a world where different versions of people evolved from different animals. They are basically made in the same body plan as humans, but some things are different.

Wolf People are Wolfen. They have an excellent sense of smell and other races often think that their ability to cooperate and coordinate is telepathy. (it's not.) They are carnivores and traditionally Wolfen tribes are herders. Their societies are extremely hierarchical.

Cat People are Katsa. They have retractable claws on both hands and feet and often prefer to go barefoot or wear open sandal footwear, even in the cold climes. They are carnivores. They have excellent night vision and very good hearing. They also have a very bad rep of sociopathy. Other races tend to view them as killers or thieves, though that is a generalization. They live in small non-hierarchical groups and rarely stay in one place for long. Weather it is because of their own preferences or because of prejudices is unclear.

Lizard People are Dragons. They are warm blooded and give live births, but are the only race who are not mammals. They are famous for their bad hearing and eyesight, but they have excellent memory and an unquenchable interest as to how things work. Dragons are credited with the development of most of the sciences. Their bite is venomous, but only extremely painful, not lethal. (Unless you are allergic.) They live in very small groups, often just consisting of one family. They also live about a third as long as other races.

Sea People are Mer. They look pretty much like you'd think mermaids look, except without scales. Very little is known about Mer, because they keep themselves to the sea and only interact with other races to trade rare items and sea food for metal goods, which they are not able to produce.

There are no Bird People. No one knows why.

Ape people are, of course, Humans. They are the most numerous and widespread of all the races and are widely known for mimicking and borrowing any ideas and arts they can. Whatever the feelings among other People, they are all mistrustful of Humans, and Humans return the sentiment.
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