Jul. 23rd, 2015 05:42 pm
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I was just eating lunch on the sofa (which I freely admit was not a good idea, but, frankly, the sofa has seen worse) and managed to upend my glass of Diet Coke. Right into the plastic package the takeout was in. So, only a little of the soda ended up on the sofa. Weirder, the fries were still in the plastic bag, but it was laying in such a way that the soda pooled in a corner away from the fries?

I'd prefer to waste my weird luck moment of something else, OK?
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Another done fuck all day.

Started feeling like I was fucking freezing about 3 pm, despite it being almost 80F outside. The conditioner has actually been off since 12 pm, but that is when I climbed under the covers(!) and listened to music until I feel asleep. Maybe I am sick. But had woken up to actually feeling that it is warm in my apartment, so I have no idea WTF it was.
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I want to know why everything sucks so much.

My head hurts spectacularly, which is probably why the upstairs neighbor is playing loud music.

My digestive system has sent me a memo to Eat Food With Less Fiber.

I have no clean pants to wear. That have no holes in them. I had to wear a skirt today! It was purple.


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