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Have you heard about ? Because if you like cats, you should hear about it. It's a website that provides you with adjustable cat purr for all your cat purring needs.

I am at work right now, having lunch and listening to purrli. It is possible that I will not kill any of my co-workers today.
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A big chunk of work I've done yesterday has disappeared, so I am re-doing it. I spent about 10 minutes trying to explain to co-worker that my problem with the printout is that the lines are too small, so if I write something out freehand it will not line up, but apparently that is not an issue, so whatever. I mean, I am being careful, but she is the one who would have to make sure that the right thing goes the right way, because I don't care at this point.

Also, my head hurts.
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Late for work again. I was just laying in my bad listening to my cat sneeze. Speaking of which, the cat sneezed all night long. He can't have a cold, since he does not interact with other cats, but he can have an allergy, or, as I just found on-line a tooth problem. I am going to see how his sneezing is going. If it is still around in a couple of days, it's to the vet we go. I am sure the cat would be ecstatic. x_X
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Medication change upcoming, Lexapro to Cymbalta(?). I am not looking forward to it, but something has to be done.

Morning is the time when you want to hurt your co-workers. Well, the fist time you want to hurt your co-workers. If the procedure is the procedure, don't get fancy, for fucks sake. How hard is it to squiggle a signature on an invoice? Did you get a blister or something?

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I hate getting up early, I deplore the commute and the screaming at work? Is not a topping on the cake, but something much less palatable.
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It is very unfair that not allowed to hit co-workers upside the head, no matter how assholery they are.
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We get paid today. On my check, there is a following line: "Important Note: Key to Success--The Client Comes First".

I am fully justified in wanting to slap some people, right?
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Am going to die from heat at the office. I should have done as threatened and came in a bikini.
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They are *making* me take vacation days.

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I am caught up at work. There are two possibilities:

1. I am forgetting something really important that I must do.

2. The End of the World is at hand.


'nuff said

Jun. 20th, 2005 11:50 am
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*head explodes*
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Yet another reason to wonder if the soon-to-be-ex-coworker-girl is braindamaged:

The hanging folder is full. There are other (empty) hanging folders in the same drower. Is there a logical reason *not* to spread the files a little?


In other news, my head hurts. A lot.

EDIT: I have nothing to do. I have a lot of vacation time. I just wish I could tell boss to let me go in some way that will not get me extra work in the future.


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