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I had plans for today. Plans that have been preempted by the back pain. Again. The idea of doing back straightening exercises have been suggested to me. Not that I would not benefit from strengthening my core regardless, but do people actually have functional improvement regarding Bad Back moments if they do strengthening exercises?

Slightly fewer flies today. Still woke me up today, the bastards. The war is outgoing.
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A problem I am trying to ameliorate by cultivating a close and personal relationship with my air conditioner. *pets air conditioner* Who needs sex?

Also, my head hurts. Again. Pretty much all the time. It is a bit blunted now with some Tylenol in me, but it is on all the same. I am so tired of it. So tired.
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On Friday I got a call that offered to send me to the interview. On Monday. Which is good as far as it goes, except I have gotten so fat lately I don't in fact fit in any of my suits. And then I remembered that I am on call for jury duty starting Monday. Also Monday? My visit to shrink MD.

Now, there is actually a very small chance that I will actually get employed out of this, but I am so frazzled with the suit adjusting and all else stuff from this weekend, I am not sure I can sleep ever.
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I am getting more and more tired of feeling like this.

Meanwhile, I am attempting to watch "Batman Begins" but I have to say that it is not going very well. Mostly because I want to hit every single person in that movie with the exception of Morgan Freeman. Because you simply cannot hate anyone who is played by Morgan Freeman.
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This is yet another life experience I could have lived without. It is drying now. I hope it will work. It was not in there for very long and it is pretty hermetically sealed.


Oct. 9th, 2013 12:30 am
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I suppose, since yesterday was a good day for me, today is supposed to suck.

Woke up 11 something. Went to a craft store to get some yarn to finish my blanket. They don't have the yarn any more. (The interwebs don't seem to have it either. I hope the yarn that I bought is the same one renamed. I really do.)

By the time I got out of the crafts store to catch a bus back home, my shoulder started to hurt. A lot. (I am guessing a pinched nerve.) That was a fun fun trip home, let me tell you. I nixed my plans to make a detour to the library and the grocery store and pretty much dragged myself to bed. (Undressing was also very much fun.) Could not get in any position that is not flat on my back. Which means that I could not even fall asleep, since I sleep on my side or stomach.

The pain got a little less by the evening, so I have gotten to the PC at last. It kept hanging. I did defrag and run anti-virus. I don't know if that helped, of if the PC decided that I have be annoyed enough.

I crave sugar. Like so much, I will probably eat it out of the package right now. (My grocery run was to have included some pastries.)

It's past midnight, yet I am completely uninterested in going to sleep. What fun it is going to be tomorrow.

In conclusion go Zooborns Blog!
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I got out of bed at 2:30 AM because I needed to reorganize my Netflix query right now. Immediately. (Full disclosure: I currently have at home 2 disks from Netflix. No other disks would be sent out until these two are returned, and I only seen half of one.)

As an additional bonus, the Netflix website is closed for maintenance and will be down until 4:30 AM Eastern. Wee.

Plz shoot me now. Tnx, bye.
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Could be better. The med change is not working so far. I am kind of oK some of the time, then my mood changes and I am not oK at all. The feeling that I am about to cry at any moment changed to actual crying.

On the other hand, I was somewhat productive today in that I have purchased groceries, applied to three positions, and sent two colleges requests for info about their MS in Computer Science programs. In the past days I also removed some of the garbage that is clattering my apartment, changed Kitty Shawn's litter and did the dishes. Well, most of the dishes. There are appear to be dishes in my living room. Dammit.

Any kind thoughts in my direction is strongly appreciated. As are books and/or other media that are mood improving.

Dear Supreme Court, really? Well, at least you killed DOMA.
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I picked up some stuff in bedroom, bathroom, and hallway, wiped some things in the bathroom, took out the mountain of garbage that was guarding my front door and changed kitty's litter. With all the breaks I took, I had to have done actual work for an hour tops. I had to stop further progress, because my legs were shaking and I was sweaty from head to toe. I suspect I need to move around more. Maybe even exercise. *headdesk*
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Because it has what I suspect hard water stains. They are not coming out. I bleached it and I scrubbed it with cleaning chemicals and I am still getting a "dirty toilet bowl". *headdesk*

My mother wants me to get a new toilet because of that. (Yes, she might be crazy. Moving on.)

So, cleaning advice?
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Or so I am told.

As a result I have been tussling with Michael back and forth on a number of technical problems, including the fuckup it insisted of making with Hotmail mail. *sigh* Currently I feel that I am victorious. However, I well know that it is not the end.

Also changed a number of color schemes in a number of places. Because, that's why.

And, of course, haven't slept. At all. I don't even feel sleepy, just... jetlagged, I guess? I actually got some remedy from the drug store that's supposed to make you drowsy. I don't think they tried it on people like me. It made me more awake.

So, how sleep deprived can a person get before starting to hallucinate?

Today I

Nov. 20th, 2012 06:46 pm
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-Did not sleep;

-Got groceries;

-Played phone tag with my psych MD office in order to change my appointment date and get some refills by phone. My phone was not letting me hear anyone. Incidentally, I am not sure if they actually did call the pharmacy, given that three hours later it still was not done;

-Took Don't Go To Sleep pills at 7:30(?)a.m. Right now I am not sure, if I am awake or asleep, but I would not be very surprised if the walls started moving;

-Started period;

-Bought Sudafed. Found out that now not only do then scan your ID, you also have to sign a whole statement as to how you are not making Meth or what the fuck you. I am trying really hard to think that this law has a reason, but I somehow doubt that people who make money on Meth have trouble getting the basic ingredients. Also, do you think they are going to make you give fingerprints, retina scan, and DNA to get the damned decongestant in the future?
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My mood should be: Please shoot me and put me out of my misery.
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Did not sleep tonight. *headdesk*
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And, lo, I have taken myself to Home Depot and bought lights for my Stupid Light Fixtures (tm). And you know, what, now I want to cut a bitch. Because the light I bought has a weird red halo. It's deliberate, because both of the bulbs I installed have it. No where on the package does it mention anything red. Yes, there is a red stripe on it, but I don't see an explanation on that anywhere. It could have been just bright design idea. In fact, the packaging tells me about "bright white light". Is it reasonable for me to want to hurt people in Phillips (who in fact produced said light-bulb)?


Incidentally, Home Depot, did not have Gigantic Lighbulbs in blue, so I purchased clear ones and now I have clear/blue/blue/clear combination in my bathroom. Because I am a problem solver.

Yes, I can do something similar with the bulbs in the Stupid Light Fixtures, but standing up with them makes me fucking dizzy. Also, I have green walls. Green walls and a weird green halo! Death! Someone has to suffer for this (along with me).
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Productivity: minimal. I did not do things I *had* to do this week, much less things I only should have done.

Sanity: minimal and going down. Seriously, I am having some scary scary thoughts. And they are not the ones your are thinking I do either.

Weird peeves: Where in fuck is my movie from Netflix? I already let them know about the first disk going missing. The replacement should have been here Wednesday. It's is not here. Why is this my life?
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I love my Kindred with disturbing and all encompassing love. However, it looks like we will have to work on our relationship, since it is obvious that the battery is starting die on me. Of course Amazon does not sell official batteries for Kindles 2. (Or perhaps any other Kindles either? I didn't check.)

This is going to be non-fun, isn't it?

I don't want to buy a new Kindle. My no income issues non withstanding, I have held the Kindle 3, and it just does not fit in my hand as well as my Kindle. I think they made it too small to hold comfortably. On the occasion the progress sucks.
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There seems to be more and more support to the idea that while I am normally somewhat depressed, PMS kicks it in a truly scary territory.

I have been sporadically applying for jobs. I don't really believe that a)anyone would be interested in hiring me; b)I can satisfying sell myself in an interview; c)I am actually capable of employment at this point. As you can see, I love my life.

At the moment the only person I actually interact with somewhat regularly is my mother. Well, actually it is "somewhat interact". She wants me to go back on the pills, but I a)don't see the point, b)have a severe case of not wanting to deal with medical professionals; c)truly don't have enough spoons to even go looking for one at the moment, especially one that will take my insurance, with is craptastic.

I have actually did some dishes yesterday and will probably manage to go for the groceries tomorrow. At the very least, I really have to do it, since I am running short of provisions of any kind.

Yesterday I was eating in McDonalds when some crazy tried to talk to me. A play a deaf person very well indeed.
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Still haven't managed to check the job searching sites, in case you are wondering. I am not even sure why. After all the computer is on and I am behind it. And I am not even sleepy at the moment.

I merely feel really helpless at looking at the job front. I feel like there are no clear instructions for it, and I am not able to deal with the info and rules that I aware of. I mean working has its own downsides, such as having to show up on time, making sure you look OK, dealing with people, but searching for a job is a special kind of Hell, isn't it? Oh, and I am really not sure I can actually manage to *learn* how to do a new job. My brain lately feels like it is stuck completely. Am braindead.

In other worlds, on fannish front, comics are still interesting, especially (and strangely) Marvel multiverse. I am stuck on Tony/Steve, but I also managed to get interested in Daken and Deadpool. Of course, I don't really like comics as much as I like clear written word... but.

I wish my library carried more gooder comics and that the B&N I tend to haunt had a better collection. I can't justify buying anything neither because of the not employed issues, nor because of the no space issues, but I like to have them? I don't know.

And why isn't there more kinky Daken porn? Seriously, the guy is canonically amoral, kind of disturbed, *and* he regenerates. I have seen less then a dozen decent stories on the Archive of Our Own. That makes me sad.
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