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Haven't washed my hair yesterday either. Sheesh. I just have no can this week at all. Whatsoever.

Also, no can in work, a fact not helped by the part where one day of my work have disappeared in the aether, and the accounting system keeps malfunctioning.

I am about to finish "March" by Brooke. Either the book turned less annoying, or my toleration is up. I still don't like any of the white people in that book, but at least I am not fantasizing about suffocating them with a pillow.

Usually I begin to feel warm as soon as I eat. Apparently not today. I still feel icy and my head is trying to hurt.

I don't want to work. It's all stupid and pointless and annoying.
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How in fuck can CVS be out of white out? How?

Of course it happens when I need it ASAP, but I would have not thought it possible.
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The weather is atrocious. I want to be home in bed, rather than at work with the computer on. At least sleeping is relaxing.

The cold war at work still outgoing. I am only getting the fallout so far, but I am no Switzerland. I suspect that fallout is nuclear.

Also, there needs to be more Sherlock fic to entertain me, because the Universe revolves around me.
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There is a war going in my company between my department and the other department. I am not kidding. I need therapy after coming to work.
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I am not happy. I have caught up with my work, except for some stuff that is bottlenecked. Now, I have to sit here and pretend that I am working. That is the only thing that is worse than actually working, isn't it?


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