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I just re-watched "Out of Time" yesterday. Not that it is a new thought or anything, but I had the time to truly appreciate how much of a self-esteem problem Own has. He is a little man with a Napoleon complex, thus his attempt for larger-than-life attitude and personality.

On the other hand, I still don't think why he decided to obsess about Diane. Maybe it's the structure of the episode, but I just didn't feel them having a connection.

In conclusion everybody in Torchwood is crazy.
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Fandom: "Torchwood"
Timeline: up to "The Trouble with Lisa"
Pairing: none
Notes: writing prompt ficlet "deserve". Unbetaed.

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-Has been around the Galaxy a few times looking for the Doctor, before he got stuck in Earth.

-Has done everything at least twice and wore the t-shirt until it fell apart.

-Is more obsessed by the Doctor then in love with him, but doesn't know the difference.

-Has seen more places and times and met more people than he remembers, but still enjoys anything new like a kid.

-Is capable of necessarily patience, but normally has an attention span of five year old.

-Is a Gemini. He just doesn't know it.

-Is amused and irrited by current sexual mores, depending on circumstances.

-Thinks that more better sex will improve the Universe. Is willing to lead by example.

-Has actually became interested in Ianto as a human being after the Cyberwoman incendent. As opposed to thinking of him as pretty and useful.

-Has let Torchwood find out that he does not age. However has been a part of it long enough to know where all the bodies are buried and can pretty much bully them into doing what he wants.

-Has enough practical experience to torchure people productively, but doesn't let himself enjoy it. Much. Usually. (Some people are *asking* for it, goddamit!)

-Thinks that he has been alive for a truly ridiculous amount of time (for a human). Isn't afraid of death, despite Suzi's comments, just believes that this would be a rather inconvenient time to go.

-Thinks that dying once is more is enough. That's one of the things that he will *never* repeat, given the chance.

-Wants to find the one responsible for his immortality and share the full range of dying experiences with him/her/it. Preferably by demonstration. (Is slightly less angry when he finds out what really happened, but still feels like kicking ass and taking names.)

-*Really* likes the clothes he tends to wear.

-Sometimes feels rather parental to all the humans that he meets. Doesn't let it stop him from flirting and sex.

-Is really pretty damned tired from being unique.

-Feels sorry for the Doctor.

-*Knows* for certain that he can do anything, no matter how unpardonable. Has learned to live with it.

P.S. Ten poins for guessing my current obsession. *headdesk*
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Dear "Torchwood",

I realize that I a bit obsessed right now, and expect great things out of you, and that all the episodes cannot be good, just by the law of averages. But "Eugene" sucked like a sucking thing.

Please don't hurt me like that ever again, baby.

Hugs and kisses,
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They Keep Killing Suzie )

I humbly ask for me goodfic in this fandom. Pretty please? With naked Jack on top?

In a totally unrelated news, I have just devoured the first book of "Tremerere" series. OMG! How I didn't know about that? Must get the rest of the books nowish. I have never been too into dragonriders or (mystical?) bonds with other species, but this? This is delicious.


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