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On the other hand, this particular book has people starting to explore/settle on Mars, at which point they promptly start killing each other. Hint: it's really easy to horribly murder people when they need life support to live. I had to stop and go to listening to music instead because I was getting nauseous, and it did not help my constant desire to die rather to deal with any of anything. Ever.

Oh, and crying. I've doing a lot of crying lately. What should I lie to my co-workers when someone asks why I am crying? And they will, because this is a kind of office where everyone is in everyone else's business. (Of course I am crying because depression, and also PMS on top of that, but somehow I don't feel like "because I am crazypants" is a wise response in this case.)
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Oh, my gods, boys and girls!

I have gotten about four hours of sleep tonight, interrapted by me waking up because I was chocking on something and then hacking my internal organs out for ten minutes, before going back under. The allergies are going to kill me this year, I just know it! The crazy meanwhile have, among other things, manifested as a disturbing level of skin picking. I am hoping I can at least get my face to heal up, and who in hell cares what my arms and legs look like?

My desktop computer internet connection has died for reasons unknown a couple of days ago. Today I have turned it on, just because it should have been working! Nothing is wrong! I can get wi-fi and everything! So, appearently the gremlins have fixed whatever the fuck it was.

I am playing with my Amazon wish list. It needs more books and games for DS. I like books that have science fiction, fantasy, or, you know, actual science and things to be learned. I like DS games that do not require you to hurry up too much, with turn-based systems or puzzles as preference. I have bought for myself "Cooking Mama 2", which I haven't liked nearly as much as "Gardening Mama" for some reason and I am currently torturing my pokemon minions in the "Pokemon White"

Also, what movies (animes/TV shows) should I get from my friendly Netflix? I like movies that are sci-fi, fantasy and (some) horror. I like pretty much all anime/animation. I am not sure what I like in my TV shows anymore, since I don't seem to be actually watching TV. (Well, I can't stand sit-coms for some reason.)

Come on, come on share your recs and share alike?

I need to work on my resume and all the rest of the crap that goes with it, but I am intimidated beyond my abilities to share with you. I just want to hide under my bed until I am on social security. Or, perhaps, dead, since I have distinct suspicions on the future absence of social security, you motherfucking government idiots.

Now, things to be doing in the near and far future:

-Clean cat box
-Take a shower
-Clean in general
-Put ink in printer
-Print out tax returns
-Make copies of my copay recieps, perhaps hopefully to be given for reimbursement
-Find out if my dental is also covered until the end of the month. If it is make a dental appointment.
-Find out if I can get my deposit back for putting the carpeting on the floor. Where in fuck did I manage to stash the original agreement?
-See if I can get some trimming done on the LiveJournal flist. I am much more fandom concious than I used to be. I suspect that the most trimming will be done to the comminites
-Clean out my computer of extra files and all the crap that causes it to boot up for 20 minutes. At least, I have a paid antivirus, so I hope it is up to date.
-Find a shrink
-Re-start excercising program
-Go to the movie theater and see something. I have two tickets yet unused.
-Get a vacuum cleaner, and a table lamp for my desk
-Find a place for the mini vaccum cleaner on the wall. It will need bolting and an access to electrical outlet
-Make sure that my files are actually all filed
-Get married to someone rich
-See if I can start knitting again
-See if I can maybe write something
-Make sure that the cat's claws are legal length
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Dear Effexor,

Eff you so effing much! I have not slept now for about 36 hours, and I don't want to either. Sure, it is animprovement over sleeping 20 hrs per day, but this is fucked up too. Also, for future reference, how long do you get to be awake befor starting hallucinating?
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Feeling miserable due to Effexor withdrawal. Folks, do yourself a favor and do not take Effexor. All doctors should have to get off this fucker first before being allowed to play around with it. Oy.
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