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I have discovered "Welcome to Night Vale" yesterday, and I am enchanted? How to describe it?... It is a series of podcasts of a fake radio show transmitted from a desert town called Night Vale. All kind of things happen in Night Vale: from totally explicable events and Lovecraftian horrors to alien visits and government conspiracies. The citizens of Night Vale are pretty much used to this shit by now. It has a lovely flavor reminiscent of Pratchett and Adams, IMHO. Try it, if you are into wacky SF, I suspect that you would like it lots.
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tumblr that is posting incredibly amazing photos (pictures) of nature. Just go there if you feel like some quiet beauty in your life.

This has been your public service announcement for today. You are welcome.
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Thermocouple Junction (2514 words) by faviconfeverbeats
Fandom: Iron Man (Movies), Captain America
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Obadiah Stane/Tony Stark
Characters: Tony Stark, Obadiah Stane, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, James "Rhodey" Rhodes

Five times Tony Stark came out.

Featuring a transgender Tony Stark. This story is part of the series. Some of the other works in the series are just as great, others just left me confused. YMMV
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You guys, there is no words as to how awesome this story is! Go get reading right now!

Indecorous (55424 words) by faviconBasingstoke
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson
Characters: Harry Watson, Lestrade (Inspector), Dimmock (Inspector), Mrs. Hudson, Ella Thompson, Mummy (Sherlock), Mycroft Holmes, Sally Donovan

In which John learns to balance a kinky girlfriend, an asexual boyfriend, a ten-inch cock, his sister, the neighbours, his friends, and his blog. Some are more balanced than others.

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love sickened and infirm (Merlin/Arthur) by [ profile] thoracopagus is a wonderful AU where Merlin is a Prince in a kingdom of sourcerers and Arthur is his reluctant servant. You still get danger, adventure and dragons nattering about destiny. Deeply cool, in my opinion.
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Modern Love by [ profile] penknife is a story about dwarfs in Ankh-Morpork and their attempt to assimilate human ideas of gender. Given that dwarfish does not have different pronouns for male and female dwarfs...
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By Strength and by Virtue by [ profile] casspeach is Merlin/Arthur, featuring magical non-con. However, I felt that is was done well. Also, both of them are themselves. And they are angsting about the right things.
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Digger is a comic by an author known as [ profile] ursulav on LJ. I have no words for how good it is. Also, it has three women on a quest together at one point (well, three females). Make sure you have a bunch of hours to waste on the story.
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Retriever-verse stories by [ profile] nilchance and [ profile] beanside are my guilty pleasure. It is a Jeffrey Morgan/Jensen Ackles AU RPS Apocafic series. Which is not anywhere finished, from what I can tell, and the authors are not adding to it either. That makes me sad. In the existing parts, there is a lot of violence and some dark UST. It's yummy.
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Hiersumnes by [ profile] mirandaeoste is a PWP that pushed all my buttons. I'd dearly love to see what happened next.
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Practical Adventures and Auspicious Pursuits by [ profile] stillane is yet another "Arthur finds out" story. And I can see it happening just like this.
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Favorite by [ profile] astolat is another gorgeous and perfect story. Arthur and Merlin are having rather a lot of sex. Yet, that is not merely a PWP. It is kind of difficult to describe, actually. Let me put it this way -- Merlin is a crap Royalty Favorite. Neither of them lets it stop them.
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Walks in Beauty by [ profile] burkesl17 is Arthur gengerswap. Yes, Arthur turns into a girl, and yet it is not played for cheap laughs and kinky sex, even though both are present. It is largely a story about Arthur and everybody around him coming to terms that he is still the Heir to Camelot, even if his packaging is a bit different. (Arthur/Merlin slash and het.)
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You don't really need to know much of the plot, honest!

so are they all, all honourable men by [ profile] seperis is completely perfect in its flavour. Reminds me of dark chocolate. Arthur figures out what is really important to him and how far he will go to protect it. (Arthur/Merlin)

Reciprocation by [ profile] astolat. Arthur has a bit of reputation with the servants. Merlin gets involved. (Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/OFC)

Onfindan by [ profile] astolat. Arthur finds out about magic. And then... things happen. By accident, even. Also there are beasts. (Arthur/Merlin)
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clear sunny skies (on the morning of the apocalypse) by [ profile] meretricula is a lovely "Twilight" werewolf story. It is after the end of book four, and it messes with the ideas of imprinting and other things. It should be said without saying, but it is written better than the original novels. Also, it made me ridiculously happy.(Jacob/Leah, Jacob/Seth)
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I Leave This At Your Ear is a Kirk/Spock by Jane St Clair, set after "Operation - Annihilate".Kirk is trying to deal on Earth and Spock comes to help. Outwardly, there is absolutely nothing special about this tale, and yet I find myself returning to it again and again. Sometimes the simpliest things are the most perfect.
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Accountable is a rather long story by Dyce. It is an after War AU. Basically, Hermione has a little too much fun celebrating during Victory Party and there are Consequences. The story has a lot of other action beyond the main pairing and numerous characters show up. While the main romance occasionally swerves in severe sentimentality, it is still very readable and not noticeably out of character, IMHO.
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Getting Familiar by Gingertart is extremely enjoyable Harry/Snape that starts after the last battle. I adored this Snape and the rest of the characters. And get a load of Snape's animagus form! It is truly perfect.
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Death and the Definitely-Not-A-Maiden posted on [ profile] dw_cross. (The author is still anonymous.) Torchwood/Diskworld crossover and mostly gen. Well, as gen as anything with Jack Harkness gets. Spew warning.
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Masks by Parhelion. R for violence and some mild sexual mentions. It is a yet another interpretation of superhero tale, well written and involving. I loved the characters.

Also by Parhelion: Hearth-Devil and Devil's Bargain. Some pretty explicit sexual situation, but really mostly violence warning. Both fictions set in a fantasy AU with early 20th century parallels. While "Devil's Bargain" is a prequel to "Hearth-Devil", I recommend you read "Hearth-Devil" first. All the action and explinations happen in "Hearth-Devil", while "Devil's Bargain" is a dessert piece not integral to the story.

All the stories have just the write amount of dark undercurrents to press my buttons. Go read right now!


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