Taxes done!

Apr. 5th, 2013 06:39 pm
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Well, I still have to mail my state return.

Meanwhile, this whole same sex marriage tax rigamarole pisses me off much more than you would think, since I don't actually know anyone who has to deal with it. For those just joining us: NYS recognizes gay marriage. USA does not. So, any same-sex married couples get to file federal return as Single or Head of Household and then have to re-do them as Married, or Married Filing Separately, because that is what is necessary for the state return. And the state return is based of federal.

Dear USAnians, would you get off your high horse already and let people marry people they want to marry? Don't you have anything better to worry about, like, say, ECONOMY?

In conclusion, up yours.

No love.
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Dear medical receptioninst,

The organization in your office sucks donkey balls with a hoover. I am here for this particular vitamin shot for a third time, and you still don't know if I have to co-pay for it. BTW, "do it now for free, and we will send you the bill later if you have to pay for it" doesn't mean it's "free". It means "it may or may not be free", you doofus. I think $20 is a bit too much to pay for a vitamin shot, and I can't do this not knowing if I have to pay. It's against my Jewish soul.

Also, I have been polite to you. I don't deserve the attitude. Bitch.

No love,

Dear random New Yorkers:

-Wifebeater is not a good look with striped pants and dress shoes, even if you are a cute Jewish guy.

-Girls who wear muklaks in an 85 degree weather scare me.

-When you wear high heels, please, for the sake of my sanity, make sure that your heels are not warn of to a degree where you have to walk bow-legged to maintain balance. Contrary to what you may be thinking, it's not classy or sexy.

-Wash your goddam clothes!

Feeling better,
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Just to reiterate: I work with complete morons.
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