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It's excellent news. (It's not excellent that we needed a Supreme Court decision to guarantee a basic human right, but whatever works in the end.)

Also, I approve of the whole Confederate flag should not be flown on public property thing. (Even if we ignore the racist background, it is basically a flag of an *enemy* of United States of America. The fact it was allowed to is, frankly, mind boggling.) I just wish that people do not subsume the discussion about *fucking ridiculously easy access to guns everywhere* with the discussion of racism. They are both important. (In the very *least*, IMHO, open carry should be restricted only to public servants while carrying out their duties.)

I hate talking about politics. I always feel like I don't know enough to formulate a logical decision. But these things? They seem obvious to me.

And, while we are on the topics of obvious and public policy, VACCINATE YOUR FUCKING KIDS.
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(And if you recognize my icon, you deserve a fandom brownie point.)

My current fandom is very much Avengers movieverse. The only character from the movies I dislike is Thor. (And I have a weird need to coo at Steve Rogers and pinch his cheek. Possibly bake him cookies too. I don't bake.) On the other hand, "Agents of SHIELD" sucks so far. Granted I only saw one episode (with a lot of it on mute: bad sign), but I was Not Impressed to the nth power. Also, Ward needs to die a fiery death. His character strikes me as completely unnecessary. And I am not a big fun of Skye either.

Speaking of TV shows, I have womanfully attempted to watch "Breaking Bad". I had gotten through 1.5 episodes (largely by using a mute button), but I have given up. Yes, different strokes for different folks... But I just don't get the appeal.

Other things:

Cannot shake a creepy feeling that the biggest enemies of USA are Republicans. That is not nice, especially since a number of people actually vote for them. Don't get me started on the US health system. And feminism, including access to contraception and abortion. And the part where a number of people at high positions of power cannot tell the difference between faith and science.

Meanwhile need more Avengerverse fic. Mostly stuff where Steve Rogers comes to grips with 21st century. Also teamfics, and Coulson being a badass.
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I had nearly forgotten how much I like these stupid monster movies. Interesting Evil Government subplot though. I've forgotten that part of the film. I am amused that Evil Government archetype has been around that long. I mean, I understand it these days, because current government seems to have difficulty governing *sigh*, but the idea that it's so well entrenched is somewhat bothersome. (Of course there is always the Stupid Government archetype, if the first one does not fit.) I am not at all sure I've ever saw a movie or read a book where the government was actually a) competent, and b) acting in the interest of the people. Is there such a beast somewhere? (Even in "Avengers" movie government(?) is ready to sacrifice a whole city easy peasy.

Dear Government, perhaps you should take your image as an advice to do better?
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You know, it is pretty clear that I am not going to say anything here that will change the mind of anyone stuck on this particular topic, so this is strongly on the way of venting.

1) No, marriage is not religious. Marriage is practiced by a lot of cultures through out the history and all around the Globe, and it is contract that deals with property. Yes, blessings of the god(s) are often invoked, but that is not a new thing as related to commercial contracts and other agreements. And, if you really research Christianity, you will find out that for a quite a while the nascent Christianity did not want to be involved in marriage. (I quite possibly watch too much TV.)

2) Yes, marriage used to be about kids. Also things that are used to be self evident, but now are usually considered barbaric in Western culture: forcing women into marriage, getting rid of wives that cannot give you children, having multiple wives to insure a lot of children, children and wives being property of the husband, marrying girls off as soon as they started menstruating (or even younger).

3) No one is forcing *you* to gay marry. Shocking, I know. You are absolutely free to marry a person of the opposite sex! Imagine that!

4) No, forbidding gay people to marry is not going to magically turn then straight. It's just going to make them unhappy.

5) Even if this country is heavily Christian, we are still (thanks gods!) not a theocracy (some people's efforts not withstanding). And if you are trying to force every other person in this country to follow one religious belief, I can pretty much guaranteed that it is going to be something different from what you want. Because most people believe something different than you, that's why.
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I find that my depression is getting worse and worse lately. And you know what my problem is? I don't believe in human race any more. I used to think that people are generally reasonable and will react logically if you point out all side of the situation to them. It turns out that it is not true. It turns out that people prefer to scream before listening to anyone else. Logic and science? What logic and science? Instead of looking for way to improve their lives, people are instead trying to fuck up everybody else's, because that would be "more fair". Intelligence is not valued. The only thing we value is charisma and screaming the loudest.

Frankly, I am surprised that we actually managed to create something approaching civilization.
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Apparently Obama is an Antichrist now. Wow, fundies, never change!
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