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I saw "Life" movie yesterday. (Which I did not like for reasons that would be spoilerish.) And then I watched "The Bay" a second time. It was still as horrifying. It's also the only movie in the lost footage genre that I actually managed to watch all the way through.
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I finally finished watching the movie "Revenant". I kind of see what they were trying to do with it, but I swear it warped time and space and was actually three times longer than the stated viewing time.
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Well, that was... a movie.

This really should have been Avengers 3, IMHO. And those of you who said that this was better than Avengers 2, I disagree. I judge it about the same.

There is a lot of action. More action than this movie needed, if you ask me.

I have a lot of trouble believing one of the key aspects of the plot, which did not endear this movie to me either. I will not be re-watching this.

Did I mention the amount of action that this movie had? Because it had a lot of action.

It is possible that I will continue to complain about this movie in the future. Come and talk to me.
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This movie is probably pretty spectacular to watch on the big screen, especially in 3-D, but I really could not get into it plot or character-wise. Also, and I am somewhat ashamed to admit this, my suspension of disbelief kept breaking every time something scientifically stupid happened. Though I did like when we have seen the waterbear, the virus, and that atom. That, at least, made some sense.
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Little thing I haven't seen when I watched it previous *mumble* of times. I always wondered how come his first stage shield stopped bullets. This time I have seen that the producer (?) in one of the scenes is carrying the shield on the background and is kind of struggling. It was probably solid iron/steel (?). This makes more sense.


Sep. 11th, 2015 10:18 pm
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I just finished watching this movie. Holy Jesus Shit, who is its intended audience? I don't know if you remember "Short Circuit" movie, but it is basically the same idea. With a lot more swearing. And blood and gore. And fucking existentially creepy ending that will probably haunt me forever.
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Had an interview today. As a result have a) blisters on my feet; b) road rush on my inner thighs (because I wore a skirt suit). I am barely mobile right now, even with Advil in me. Then I got caught in torrential rain when I was going home. So, I am not exactly the happiest camper right now. I need to figure out a way to write thank you letters to my interviewers, but my head feels stuffed with cotton instead of brains, even after a nap.

Tomorrow I have another interview in early morning. How the fuck I am going to actually, you know, move to get there, I have no idea.

Netflix is currently streaming "The Terminator", so I have been re-watching it in dribs and drabs. Dad got this movie on a pirated and badly translated VHS cassette way back in the stone age when the Soviet Union still stood and we lived in Kyev. Kyle Reese (and Michel Biehn who played him) are still my fave after all these years. Like all good movies, it weathers time really well. Even the special effects still work.
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Find myself angry at Amy, because she used her intelligence and drive on something so petty, instead of doing something useful with it.
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Today is one of those days that are tiring, but you cannot really name anything that is really bothering you.

Yesterday was father's day, so I had to go to my parents. I was feeling... I don't know, hyper? I brought my laptop with me and proceeded trying to set it up to play movies I had on my Amazon account. It did not necessarily go well. I hooked up everything just fine and made all the adjustments to output to the monitor, but it just would not work for the life or money. Finally it decided to work, despite the fact that I didn't actually changed any settings? Donno. And then I had to fiddle with the giant ass TV set, because my father had set it on lower resolution for reasons that surpass understanding, so it was grainy as fuck.

We watched "CA:TFA" and "CA:TWS". Mother had to leave for a sleep test before they were done, and my dad was his usual bright and shiny self when I told him that "CA:TWS" is actually better than the first movie. I asked him "Well is it a good movie?" after the first fight scene and got nothing in return, which is his way to express agreement with something one of us has said, god bless him.

And Friday and today I spent a lot of time trying to fill stupid document requirements for employment applications. One company wanted a hand written Cover Letter. (I had re-written the fucking thing four times before I realized I *will* need to go out and get white out, and then I went to CVS and they did not actually have any, WTF? Luckily local 99c store came to the rescue, but it was already too late to try to scan the letter and e-mailed it to the company.) The other company had sent me an Application as a PDF and wanted me to fill it. Except there was not actually enough space in the application to write in the stuff they wanted. So then the guy suggested that I print it out and then either fax it or scan and e-mail it. After I scanned it and e-mailed it, he complained that a) it was not very clear, and b) the pages came in upside down. Really. Upside down. Because you were not going to print them out and add them to the file. Or, you know, use the imaging program you were using to see them to flip them upside down. This is why people go postal.

I have to go fax it tomorrow. These days you don't really have a fax for rent in every corner store any more, so I am trooping to the Office Depot. Except tomorrow is going to be 91F and 61% chance of rain (meaning humid, even if it does not rain). Also my mom is on vacation, so she wants to hit Macy's with me tomorrow. This is always fun lately because she does not really feel all that good for that much physical action.

Also today got my teeth cleaned and checked. That was as unpleasant as always, but at least I don't have to have to get anything done.

Also, watched "Alien 3" a couple of days ago. I have forgotten how much this movie pisses me off.

"Aliens" is my most favorite movie ever. Not even "CA:TWS" can budge it in my affections. Nothing else in that franchise was going to be that level of awesome, but there was no reason to fridge the survivors of the last film and kill Ripley as the last fuck you to fans. Don't tell me that no one could come up with an idea for a script that had Ripley in it, but let the others fade into background alive.

Also, as an additional fuck you, I seemed to have read the novelization of the movie once upon a time. The novelizations are based on the original script, so I was really confused when I watched the actual film and the stuff happened in a different way that I remember it happening. I did not put it together until I saw the deleted scenes supplement.
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Soooo... I saw "Jurassic World". It was enjoyable, but I don't think I would have missed much if I chose for it to come out on DVD.

Dinosaurs: were excellent. And there was even a throw away reference explaining why their appearance does not agree with what we now think they actually looked like.

People: kind of sucked. The movie tries to give quirks to people for... whatever reason, and I found them very irritating. I only liked about 10% of people parts of this movie, and that percentage consists of Owen dealing with dinosaurs, and whatever little screen time was allotted to Barry. Who is probably the sanest person in this film.

Scenery: I made a mistake of watching this movie in 3D, even though it is not my preferred format. 3D is interesting when you are dealing with CGI, but it completely did not work for me in this movie. Every time they did panoramic shots I was thrown by how fake it looked.

Plot: was very silly. On the other hand, you don't go to this kind of movie for the plot, you go to this kind of movie to see dinosaurs eat people.

Other: When did Chris Pratt became hot?

Right. So. Particulars.

Pretty much every human in this movie is stupid. The only one I cannot apply this to is Barry.

Kids were kind of OK in the first movie. They had nothing to do in this one.

I have rolled my eyes a lot when Claire was on screen. On one hand: way to put down a career oriented and organized woman. (This is why I need feminism.) I think Claire and Pepper Potts would have a lot of fun drinking together. On the other hand, there is absolutely no call to run around in the jungle in high heels and white dress. WTF.

Raptors were awesome. The most satisfying part of the movie was not the one where FrankenRex was brought down, it's the one where the raptor kills Annoying Fat Guy. (Also, where are your "I kill those that misgender me" memes, internets?) On the other hand no one in their sane mind would ever think that raptors are good as tamed attack animals. You know which animals are good for that? Dogs. Face it, you cannot trust any other predator to not eat you when it get the chance.

While the ultimate reason for the creation of FrankenRex vaguely makes sense within movie logic, I am totally confused as to whether there is any actual oversight as far as gen labs are concerned. Because if you have a park that exhibits dinosaurs, there is no call to create a mutant beast. You know, like when you go to the zoo, you expect to see actual animals, not frankenbeasts.

In conclusion, I feel extremely sorry for Blue. She lost her pack and now she is all alone. *sniff*

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Saw two Korean horror movies ("The Flu" and "Guard Post"). I am never sleeping again.

Tnx, bye.
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I have enjoyed this movie, but it is not really as good as "Winter Soldier".

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I really tried to like this movie. But I am kind of offended that it's done better in box office than "Pacific Rim".

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Liked it, while hated the first one. After the first one, I was actually annoyed to see Thor among the avengers. He was the most uninteresting character in the world to me. This is much better.

Loki's life gets fucked up because he tries to be too smart for his own good again. I am just waiting for the current scheme to bite him on the ass. *sigh* Though Dr. Banner was completely correct in describing the extent of his cray-cray.

Also, have been playing with Facebook posting, while clattering all of my friends' timelines with crap. I am not sorry. (There are ways to use Facebook constructively. Right?)

Meanwhile, depression proceeds. Though actually managed to get my blood taken for tests and my hair cut today. Well, and watch "Thor:TDW".

And see the balance on my bank account going down.
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I am going to give some more opinions behind the cut (even though this movie is a couple of years old), but I have to share one peeve before that. It is extremely unsettling when you cannot tell during a fight who you are supposed to root for. I mean, two grey robots going at each other (often in very acrobatic ways). How am I supposed to tell them apart?

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Snow White and the Huntsman was an extremely boring movie. And it made me remember that I find Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth extremely annoying. Also, there were singing dwarves. Who decided that any dwarves in a movie must sing? The whole film felt like they were trying to make the fairy tale more realistic and adult and missed completely. After all, fairy tales are pretty damned bloody and scary all by themselves. Also, there is supposed to be a sequel coming up. *sigh*

The second movie was *batteries not included, which I kind of liked. Except for the violence and existence of villains. I am sure that it's not normal to watch a movie and think: Hmmm, I would like it so much better if they took out the villains and the scenes of violence and bullying. Also, I have actually seen this movie before, and I swear, the ending I remember is different that I had just seen. I mean, the good guys still win and all, but the denouement was somewhat different.

The third movie was Aliens. Aliens is my most favorites movie in the whole world. It has a kick ass woman character (I want to be Ripley when I grow up), marines, monsters, and Michael Biehn. No, I don't know what it is about Michael Biehn, but seeing him on screen makes me happy. I strongly suspect that my third favoritest movie The Terminator is in that place because Michael Biehn also stars there. (My second favoritest movie is Pacific Rim. It had displaced The Terminator.)
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I had nearly forgotten how much I like these stupid monster movies. Interesting Evil Government subplot though. I've forgotten that part of the film. I am amused that Evil Government archetype has been around that long. I mean, I understand it these days, because current government seems to have difficulty governing *sigh*, but the idea that it's so well entrenched is somewhat bothersome. (Of course there is always the Stupid Government archetype, if the first one does not fit.) I am not at all sure I've ever saw a movie or read a book where the government was actually a) competent, and b) acting in the interest of the people. Is there such a beast somewhere? (Even in "Avengers" movie government(?) is ready to sacrifice a whole city easy peasy.

Dear Government, perhaps you should take your image as an advice to do better?
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I have seen "Captain America". I wondered for a bit about watching it in 3D, because the reviews about that were seriously mixed, but I would have had to wait four more hours for that showing so I went to the earlier one.

Spoilers )

I have waited for the end of the credits to see the promised "Avengers" trailer. That was very skimpy. Very very skimpy.

I am not particularly happy to find out that there is going to be a new "Spider-man" movie. I liked the movie they have been done and I am not looking forward to the new one. The trailer told me several things: the movie is going to be in 3D, there are going to be numerous people upchucking in the movie theater, and the SGI that I have seen have sucked.
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Saw "The Cemetary Man".

How can I put this?

This movie started interesting, all black comedyish. I like black comedy.

And then it went off the rails. And then it had moved out of the neighborhood of the rails. And then it had forgotten there were ever rails. And then there were possibly some Euclidian geometry rails. And Vorgon poetry. And possibly a visit from Cluthlu.

I am going to assume that I have missed a lot of references that are Italian specific and that is why I am so confused.

Also, the documentary about this movie that was also on a disk did not make me understand it any better, but made me fear, since apparently the movie was based on a book.

Also, strangely enough the subbing that was done for the movie trailer (also on the disk) made a lot more sense than the dubbing done for the actual movie.
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