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Spoils of War by [ profile] casspeach is a Conqueror!Arthur pillaging Peasant!Merlin fic. It works out about as well as you would expect. They are very much themselves through all of this. Also, "do not food and drink while reading" warning applies.
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love sickened and infirm (Merlin/Arthur) by [ profile] thoracopagus is a wonderful AU where Merlin is a Prince in a kingdom of sourcerers and Arthur is his reluctant servant. You still get danger, adventure and dragons nattering about destiny. Deeply cool, in my opinion.
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By Strength and by Virtue by [ profile] casspeach is Merlin/Arthur, featuring magical non-con. However, I felt that is was done well. Also, both of them are themselves. And they are angsting about the right things.
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You know, I am at piece with "Merlin" beein set in Universe whose Middle Ages has some things different from ours. So, you know, potatoes and tomatoes thrown at Merlin, I can live with, and then fanfic will show up with stuff that will make even me raise brows. (This has nothing to do with anachronism fanfic challenge.)

I am pretty sure that coffee is a bit... early for Middle Ages Europe. Just saying.

Also, if you say "drunk as a skunk", does it assume that character knows about the New World skunks, or were the skunks named after very drunk people?

Inquiring minds are inquiring.
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I know some of you are in the Merlin fandom, so perhaps you know this fic, which has been driving me nuts for a week. In it, Merlin gets caught using magic while healing Arthur from a magical life force drain, and executed, while Arthur is still weak and could not help him. Arthur continues to be the Crown Prince, but he never forgives his father. Finally, after Arthur becomes king, Merlin comes back to life, because he and Urther could not be living in the same time.


EDIT: Found. Thank you, [ profile] seperis.
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Hiersumnes by [ profile] mirandaeoste is a PWP that pushed all my buttons. I'd dearly love to see what happened next.
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Practical Adventures and Auspicious Pursuits by [ profile] stillane is yet another "Arthur finds out" story. And I can see it happening just like this.
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Blood by [ profile] lazy_neutrino is a dark delight of a tale. We often forget that Arthur is a killer and that his life *is* dangerous. Not to mention that no one's life in Albion is safe. I just adore this Arthur, more than I can tell you.
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Walks in Beauty by [ profile] burkesl17 is Arthur gengerswap. Yes, Arthur turns into a girl, and yet it is not played for cheap laughs and kinky sex, even though both are present. It is largely a story about Arthur and everybody around him coming to terms that he is still the Heir to Camelot, even if his packaging is a bit different. (Arthur/Merlin slash and het.)
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You don't really need to know much of the plot, honest!

so are they all, all honourable men by [ profile] seperis is completely perfect in its flavour. Reminds me of dark chocolate. Arthur figures out what is really important to him and how far he will go to protect it. (Arthur/Merlin)

Reciprocation by [ profile] astolat. Arthur has a bit of reputation with the servants. Merlin gets involved. (Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/OFC)

Onfindan by [ profile] astolat. Arthur finds out about magic. And then... things happen. By accident, even. Also there are beasts. (Arthur/Merlin)
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