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Saw the new psychiatrist today. It was... surreal. Firstly, this is a guy who spoke on the phone to me when I was making my first appointment. That never happened with any doctor before. Secondly, you just get a totally different feeling from him them from pretty much any medical practitioner I ever run into in my life. He wants me to take Lexapro.

Tarot, BTW, have been talking about a "wise man" and threw a "big change" card for my daily drawing today.

I did some Lexapro googling, but any commenters with expirience are always wellcome.

Meanwhile, my brain seems to be on stanby.
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I cannot just change my psychologist at will, it appears. I need an approval of my therapist. I called her and left a message. Will see how that goes.
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It's completely unfair and irritatin that I have noone to bitch to about this.

Ok, so, "mental health".

1. I do not believe that any further therapy will be helpful.

2. I do not belive that the meds are doing anything useful. (If they are, I will probably go down and not get up when they wear off, but whatever.)

3. If I cannot get my general practitioner give me a prescription for the reduced dosage of Effexor, I guess I'll have to start hitting on other psychiatrists. I'll start with those in the Mental Health center. They have several.

4. I hate people.
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Shrinkage today.

My self-esteem is really really fucked up. But we all knew that.

I really wish I could talk about *anything* with her, but we are doing OK, and, honestly, I can't imagine a person I can discuss ALL of my concerns with.
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Have absolutely no interest in doing anything, including the things that I normally consider fun. Still haven't managed to drag myself to the shower. (It's evening, in case you are interested.)

Weekends are a bitch,even if not working is nice.
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Guess what? I have totally and completely forgotten my shrink appointment today. Didn't remember it until three hours later.

I am very upset right now. I am supposed to be reliable. I keep my promises and remember appointments. And I really wish I'd stop shaking.
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Just realised that I feel so much more relaxed, because Effexor is used to treat not only depression, but also anxiety disorders.

And once again I *heart* Effexor.
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