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Because the gyn surgeon wants me to have one before the surgery. For reasons.

I am extremely apprehensive. You see, I have tried to have a colonoscopy a couple of years ago, but could not force myself to drink the liquid you have to take to clean you out. Now, this doctor gave me Magnesium Citrate (?) instead of the prescription whatever-the-hell-it-was, so I don't know how that going to go. I have a lot of trouble swallowing medications in a liquid form. Internet, interestingly, is pretty low on advice as to how make the citrate more palatable, so if you have advice I am all ears. Or, you know, eyes in this case.

And I have to take a day off work again with virtually no lead time. I wish I could be worried about that, but I am, frankly, out of energy for anything.

Also, I want to know if my insurance will approve the procedure by Friday. Because I need more things to worry about obv.

Apartment is rapidly becoming a toxic dump. I desperately need to clean cat box and do laundry. Would not hurt to throw out some garbage either.

Oh! I got Pokemon Sun yesterday, but it was too late when I got home, so I haven't started it yet. I am planning on the cat expy pokemon starter.
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Because I killed 2 centipedes Wednesday night. One in my bedroom and one in the living room. And then I had too much adrenaline to go to sleep. (I was also worried about more centipedes that I have not killed yet.) See, this is why I am not really scared of dog-sized bugs. Sure, they might be venomous, but at least you'd be able to see them, not put your foot in a show and get bit by something nasty.

Er... I did not really get bitten, I am just extrapolating.


Jul. 21st, 2015 07:21 pm
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Things happened to day that required me to people and adult, and I really can't even. Also had to pay bills, always a fun activity when you do not actually have an income. I want a job, people.


Also, still hot in NYC. Makes me feel like my brains are slowly baking in my scull, even with air conditioning on. Really sympathetic to any and all who had to spend their time in non-air conditioned spaces, because it feels me with horror. Existential horror.
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Today is one of those days that are tiring, but you cannot really name anything that is really bothering you.

Yesterday was father's day, so I had to go to my parents. I was feeling... I don't know, hyper? I brought my laptop with me and proceeded trying to set it up to play movies I had on my Amazon account. It did not necessarily go well. I hooked up everything just fine and made all the adjustments to output to the monitor, but it just would not work for the life or money. Finally it decided to work, despite the fact that I didn't actually changed any settings? Donno. And then I had to fiddle with the giant ass TV set, because my father had set it on lower resolution for reasons that surpass understanding, so it was grainy as fuck.

We watched "CA:TFA" and "CA:TWS". Mother had to leave for a sleep test before they were done, and my dad was his usual bright and shiny self when I told him that "CA:TWS" is actually better than the first movie. I asked him "Well is it a good movie?" after the first fight scene and got nothing in return, which is his way to express agreement with something one of us has said, god bless him.

And Friday and today I spent a lot of time trying to fill stupid document requirements for employment applications. One company wanted a hand written Cover Letter. (I had re-written the fucking thing four times before I realized I *will* need to go out and get white out, and then I went to CVS and they did not actually have any, WTF? Luckily local 99c store came to the rescue, but it was already too late to try to scan the letter and e-mailed it to the company.) The other company had sent me an Application as a PDF and wanted me to fill it. Except there was not actually enough space in the application to write in the stuff they wanted. So then the guy suggested that I print it out and then either fax it or scan and e-mail it. After I scanned it and e-mailed it, he complained that a) it was not very clear, and b) the pages came in upside down. Really. Upside down. Because you were not going to print them out and add them to the file. Or, you know, use the imaging program you were using to see them to flip them upside down. This is why people go postal.

I have to go fax it tomorrow. These days you don't really have a fax for rent in every corner store any more, so I am trooping to the Office Depot. Except tomorrow is going to be 91F and 61% chance of rain (meaning humid, even if it does not rain). Also my mom is on vacation, so she wants to hit Macy's with me tomorrow. This is always fun lately because she does not really feel all that good for that much physical action.

Also today got my teeth cleaned and checked. That was as unpleasant as always, but at least I don't have to have to get anything done.

Also, watched "Alien 3" a couple of days ago. I have forgotten how much this movie pisses me off.

"Aliens" is my most favorite movie ever. Not even "CA:TWS" can budge it in my affections. Nothing else in that franchise was going to be that level of awesome, but there was no reason to fridge the survivors of the last film and kill Ripley as the last fuck you to fans. Don't tell me that no one could come up with an idea for a script that had Ripley in it, but let the others fade into background alive.

Also, as an additional fuck you, I seemed to have read the novelization of the movie once upon a time. The novelizations are based on the original script, so I was really confused when I watched the actual film and the stuff happened in a different way that I remember it happening. I did not put it together until I saw the deleted scenes supplement.

Q & A

Jun. 16th, 2015 07:53 pm
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Argh, everything vaguely hurts in a low grade fashion like a week toothache. Especially my hands and arms. Every movement hurts more.

Tumblr have been acting weird. For some reason a lot of the pictures on it just plain do not show up.
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Spent a lot of the day asleep, though found time to

a) Have a fight with dad who was looking for a cardiologist, but still had time to lecture me about not looking for a job, despite me telling him twice that I cannot have this conversation with him,

b) Go out to get some supplies in the drug store and come home soaked in sweat. Texted mom and suggested we move to Alaska. She votes yes.

Also, this is the Blood Week. With all that it encompasses.
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Today, on my way back from the shrink got some groceries. Only to remember when I returned home that my kitchen is infested with apocalyptic numbers of fruit flies. I can't really cook there, until I get rid of them somehow. *sigh*
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I just feel like I need to mention my opinion of human reproductive system. This system sucks.

This the third day of severe bleeding. I thought I am going to do stuff today, but then I started cramping again and was really not in the mood.

I am sharing TMI because I am suffering and I feel a burden shared is a burden lessened. (Also I want to torture all of you.)

Also have been looking for an interesting movie to watch or a book to read and found nothing that caught my eye. Actually, I'd watch a horror movie, but I live alone and sometimes I get too creeped out to sleep.

Other things are also depressing, but I am not at the point where I can share them.

Still wishing I drank.
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Did I mention that I have applied for foodstamps? Well "SNAP". I have also been approved for it, but I had to go do something in the office yesterday. And when I was walking away, I have managed to pull my back. While doing absolutely nothing but walking out of the building.

I had a couple of minutes of wondering how in hell am I going to get home on the subway if I can barely walk. Then I remembered that I have Aleve in my backpack and swallowed a pill dry. As you do. That was a mistake.

Because by that time I have not eaten for 5 hours and the pill gave me heartburn. So now I had a bum back and heartburn. I don't get heartburn all that often, so I did not know what to do for it, except some milk. By the time I got home the heartburn went down, but my throat was still hurt, so it hurt to eat anything that was not water.

In conclusion, yesterday was not fun.
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Went to my parents' yesterday. Learned about a)crap things that are happening on my mom's job; b)crap things that are happening in Ukraine; c)crap things that are happening with my grandmother who lives in Ukraine.

Today found out my apartment maintenance went up.

It's not completely abnormal to wish you drank, right?
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I have just gotten a call from the pharmacy saying that my Wellbutrin XL prescription is out of order. Not only in the store, but in general. He said that they have not been getting it in a while. Why is this my life?
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Monday, I had problem with my stomach. I woke up a bunch of times because I had heartburn? Probably that. And it progressed to just upset stomach, which was highly unfun. On Tuesday, I either scratched my eye, or had an allergic reaction to something and spent a couple of hours with a feeling that There Is Something In My Eye! But there was actually nothing.

On the plus side, my wisdom tooth have quieted down do to antibiotics? I don't even know any more what the fuck.
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I am currently on antibiotics for reasons of wisdom tooth. I am not impressed with that development.
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A little cooking. Some dishwasher loading. A trip to the library.

I am completely exhausted, both physically and mentally.
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-Grilled paprika chicken! (I have an electric grill!)

-Oriental sauce. (I have a food processor!)

-And spaghetti squash, which is still in the oven, since I cannot use it until it's cooled.

Now I am sad that I have no one to share my food with. :(

EDIT: And now I have a Horrible Headache.
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I did not kill anyone with my brain. Which is the best thing that can be said about today.
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Why, hello thar, intermenstrual bleeding. I hate you and I want you do die. I think that period bleeding is annoying enough.


(P.S. Yes, I talked to the doctor.)
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Went to register with temp agency. Had to walk quite a bit. Why are Manhattan blocks so long. Also had to walk when I got out of the subway back in Queens. The buses would not come, until I was half way home, at which point three of them passed majestically by me. There was no point at getting on. My feet and my legs are still hurting today, btw.

Was woken up at 9 am by somebody calling about a job in Rosedale. Explained that I cannot drive. Went back to sleep. Was woken u pat 9:30 am by father asking to go to parents' apartment because they were having a water main emergency and some had to open the door to the workmen. Got up dressed, went to the apartment. After an hour and 15 minutes still no workers. (Also no water in the apartment.) Told father. Father called the building manager. After 45 minutes more the building manager showed up to apologize. Apparently they have contacted the tenants of a wrong building. Smiled at the manager. Did not kill anyone.

Slept through the alarm clock. Or perhaps woke up to turn it off and do not remember. In any case woke up an hour and half later than I was planning to. Thankfully still had plenty of time to get ready to go to temp agency. Feet still hurt. Meanwhile, how in fuck am I supposed to even look for a job, if I am going to be oversleeping all the time? Misplaced the cell somewhere in an apartment. Was desperate enough to post to LJ asking people to call my cell so that I can hear it ringing and find it. Found it myself after a Bright Idea (TM). Apperently I put in my dresser drawer. (Why?) Called a new prospective psychotherapist and left a message.
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