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Mostly it means that the websites have black backgrounds. I hate black backgrounds with a passion.

I had shrinkage. It did not necessarily went well. I found out that the center where my shrink operates from does not take the insurance that the Possible Employer company has. There are three ways I can go from there: get a new therapist, pay out of pocket, stop doing therapy. I have no idea what I am going to do yet. Also, not yet completely employed.

Went to my Old Employer to pick up a letter from the HR department. M, one of my ex co-workers is a very nice guy (like, in actuality, not because he thinks he is). He helped me with a lot of stuff and then dragged me around to visit with people I used to know in the company. It was nice. I missed seeing my ex-supervisor T, who was on vacation though. I am surprised to realize that I missed these people. I probably should have came up to visit sooner. M suggested that I tried to get hired back by Old Employer if/when they get approval for another Financial Department spot. I said I would, but I seriously doubt there will be an opportunity.

I had sent an e-mail and left a voice message regarding the letter of recommendation situation with JB, the Possible Employer HR guy. I have not heard back from him. At all. At this point I have actually had an appointment with him twice (he was late both times). I think he is a flake, which is problematic. I am starting to wonder if I should go there on Monday, or what? I guess I still have tomorrow to try to solve this.

Mother's heart specialist cannot be contacted about meds, since he is on vacation. (Is every single person on vacation right now?) She got something from GP on temporary basis. No word if it is an acceptable substitute. She also found out that the med that her insurance will not pay for is $640 monthly out of pocket. She could have managed $240. $640 is ridiculously expensive though.

I have gotten the "Welcome to Night Vale" novel from the library. I was not sure how the podcast format will do in the print novel form, but it is actually a pretty good transition. Weird, creepy, and insightful in a truly Night Vale way. I wonder how well it would work for someone not familiar with the podcast, though. The references are hot and heavy. I mean, it is clearly aimed at the Night Vale fandom, but it is always nice to bring more victims people into the fold.
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I have rebooted my SparksPeople account in order to track my food intake. So far I have done two days... and I am surprised by the low calorie count. Mind you, my food is still rather crappy and not very nutritious, but I always thought that I overeat... and I apparently don't. Makes you wonder where all the extra chub came from.

The crocheting of the afghan is currently at a stand still. I picked out wrong yarn for a part of it, and I am now waiting for the right yarn in the mail. Otherwise crocheting is pretty enjoyable, though I with that the booklet I am using had diagrams and not only descriptions as to what I am knitting.

Spend a lot of time on Timblr looking at the naked pictures. I am perv.

Looking for work makes me want to kill myself, and it is not always a hyperbole.

Which reminds me, have three prescriptions from Psychiatrist: Wellbutrin, Abilify, and Lamotrigine. Dr. basically said that it is the first time she is seeing me not on any mood stabilizers and I should really really be on some, an opinion no doubt not helped by the fact that I had hysterics in her office. So, I guess, go drugs, yay?
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Mother is still hospitalized. They have put her on the blood thinner for the blood clot and something else for her arrhythmia and the medications made her pulse drop to 30. They took the heart meds off and it's climbing back up. They are promising she can go home once it's up all the way. Meanwhile, she is not at work, and will probably have to stay home at least a while to recover even after she is out. And after that, she will have to be on thinners for quite a while and she works with needles all day. Her not working now and having to make medical appointments in the future make her worry that she will lose her job, so she is after me to get employed, as if I am against that for some reason.
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