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Got to work. The outside is hot and muggy. I had to sit under the air conditioner for 40 minutes, before I could muster any thoughts beyond "Yuck!" And I am supposed to work today? *sigh*

Most of me is still sicking to my clothes, btw.

I want to go home.
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Finally managed a shower yesterday. Fell asleep at 8:30 pm, only to wake up at 2:30 am and have trouble falling asleep until 5 am. Then the alarm rang at 6 am and I fell asleep again. Because of course.

Had a bunch of nightmares too. The one that I mostly remember is the one where I was sexually menaced by a blow up doll. Not a sex doll, a blow up doll of a guy with a mustache that could blow up to human proportions from something as small as knee-high. Your ideas about reasons are as good as mine.

Really unhappy about everything.
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So, still hot outside. Today NYC is under heat advisory 11 am to 6 pm. Whee.

Also, all of me aches for reasons unknown. I took some Advil, and it does not seem to be helping any. If I had a choice, I would have crawled into bed under the air conditioner and gone to sleep.
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Weather is still hot and humid.

Apparently "The Game of Thrones" is back on TV? My co-workers are in deep discussion. (I don't like Game of Thrones, or the books it was based on. I tried some of both, but I had to stop, because I thought that root canal is a better waste of my time.)
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On the plus hand, I have cleaned my garbage can and the cat's paper plates, plus run the dishwasher because I saw a giant fly in the apartment and I did not want to encourage it. On the minus hand, I did not have the shower yesterday either. Not that you would be able to tell anyway. By the time I have gotten to work, I was soaked and so sticky it felt like I had a shower in honey. Whee.

I was also late to work because I just could not fucking get out of bed.

Everyone is getting on my nerves already. EVERYONE. All people should go sit under their air conditioners and leave me the fuck alone.
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Spectrum has fixed my internet. Apparently some bright light cut the cable for my neighborhood. Because the access is locked up and you need special tools to cut the cable, it had to have been done deliberately. I hope he gets a sore on his dick.

I am starting to suspect that people who draw funny cat vs. dog cartoons never lived with actual cats. I don't know where the idea that they don't care that you came home comes from. Or the one that you can only pet them in one spot.

I *really* wanted to call in sick today. I am just so not into going to work, you have no idea.
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I hate biology.

Dear reproductive system, a 25 day cycle is too short. I hate you very much, me.

Yesterday I got home, crawled into the bed and listened to two podcasts I have been saving. After that I tried to sleep, but could not actually fall asleep until 10 p.m. Cat really needs to stop yowling in random moments. He has always been chatty, but lately he really works on it. As far as I can figure it out, he just wants me to pay attention to him.

OMG, I still have almost whole day to work. FML
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I am at work. I don't want to be at work.

I have been going to places I don't want to be and doing things I don't want to do since I was 3 when I started kindergarten. And yet, the last few years, it has been getting worse. I think that was a major reason I could not get out of bed before i lost my last job. Sometimes it feels like I would do anything just to not drag my carcass to work.

It was not even that hot this morning, but it was sufficiently humid that I have gotten to work with my top soaked through with sweat. I hate it so much. (At least I don't live in Arizona!)

Started a historical romance novel. They just spent 50 pages getting the couple of the roof. I mean, I could just see the author allocating word counts to the plot points, so that she came out with a novel.

Realized that the Latuda that I got filled last week only had 14 pills. Which means a) I paid the same amount of co-pay for them that I would have paid for a full month ($75 if you are curious), b) if my psychiatrist for some reason has no samples in her office to give me, I am screwed, because my insurance company would not authorize a refill before 30 days have passed, even though the previous med fill is only for 2 weeks. (I know this because it happened before.) I am so pissed I did not notice this in the pharmacy. Well, nothing to be done about it now.

I have a fuckton of shit to file in the office. I don't like filing. It makes me stand and my feet do not like that.

Tonight I actually woke up and went to get some Tylenol. My hip has been hurting badly enough I could not sleep. Actually most of me was aching all night long, probably because of the weather change. I am 40. I am old. (Yes, I know I am not that old. My body disagrees.)

Well, I guess I am going to get ready and start filing shit. I don't really have any work left I can do while sitting on my ass.
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JFC, it is hot.

Yesterday saw Dental Surgeion for a consult about my wisdom teeth. He told me that the two lower ones def had to come out. (My general dentist told me two right ones def had to come out. *shrug* I tend to go with the specialist's determination.) Now I have to find out from insurance how much they are gonna cover. That takes, I am told, 4-6 weeks. Don't you love US health system? Because I love US health system.

I think I am philosophically opposed to anything but sitting near air conditioner today.
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Yesterday I had to go to the psychiatrist after work, but it was storming pretty hard, so I called in to re-schedule. Of course now, I am about to run out of Latuda, so I have to call the office so that they sent in the prescription, and I will have to pay for it. (The doctor gives me samples, because my co-pay for that medication is ridiculously high.) Well, we all do what we gotta do.

I have a lot of filing to do at work, and absolutely no desire to walk around or to stand. My feet have been complaining. These particular sandals are better that others, but they are still not completely comfortable, but if I wear sneakers in this humid heat, I will melt and flow away.

I don't want to work. I don't want to work. I don't want to work.

I had trouble falling asleep yesterday, so I had less sleep than usual and I am grumpy about that too.

Why is life not all happiness and rainbows, I ask you?
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My co-worker has a radio on. A radio, as radio does, plays the same fucking song over and over again. I could have suffered this fucking song from time to time. Having to listen to it all day every day is fucking cruel and unusual.

I suspect that her radio is going to suffer an accident as soon as I can manage it.
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Haven't washed my hair yesterday either. Sheesh. I just have no can this week at all. Whatsoever.

Also, no can in work, a fact not helped by the part where one day of my work have disappeared in the aether, and the accounting system keeps malfunctioning.

I am about to finish "March" by Brooke. Either the book turned less annoying, or my toleration is up. I still don't like any of the white people in that book, but at least I am not fantasizing about suffocating them with a pillow.

Usually I begin to feel warm as soon as I eat. Apparently not today. I still feel icy and my head is trying to hurt.

I don't want to work. It's all stupid and pointless and annoying.
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I was pulling out a Diet Coke can out of a six pack and the plastic webbing OPENED THE CAN WHERE SIDE CRIMPING IS. Because of course.

On the plus side, I had two cups of Diet Coke for breakfast?
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On Monday found out that my library closes for 6 weeks for roof renovation. I have been there Monday before last and there was no notice. I still have 3 library books. There are round about ways I can return them, but it would have been much better to have warning.

Yesterday D. (dad's friend) was taking us home after work and decided to buy something from Modell's. They went out and I stayed in the car. It turns out he parked on the wrong parking lot. As soon as they stepped away (and I do fully mean "as soon as") a tow track towed the car away with me inside. After D. got his car back from the pound, we were driving past that parking lot again, and the tow track has been dragging another car. I could have been more than 15 minutes since it took mine. Looks like the tow truck is just sitting there on the parking lot waiting. D. had to pay $136. I guess it is a nice racket if you get it?

When I got home I was taking the earrings out, and one of the earring backs took a dive out of my fingers and disappeared. So I need to get new earring backs now. All my supply of extras is exhausted.

Today it is raining. Again.

I hate life, people.
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I live in a co-op which I own jointly with my mother. She is actually only on the ownership papers because I could not get a mortgage with my income when I was buying it, despite being able to pay it just fine, so I am trying to figure out if I can write her off the lease. Of course I have to get an approval from the co-op board first. I am worried that they will not let me do it, because my income is so low, even though I have never missed a payment. All of this is moot, because I seem to be unable to GET IN TOUCH with the fucking board so that I can attempt to jump this hoop. *sigh* Why does life have to be like that, I ask you?

Must remember to call my endocrinologist's office. He took my blood for testing, so he did not give me a refill on my thyroid med right away. I called on Wednesday, but the results were not ready yet. Thursday he was out. I must, must, must call today, or I will be out of medication. Of course my memory is not what I used to be.

Mother is trying to get Part B Medicare. My parents don't seem to be able to decide which one to pick. It's not like I can help.

Cat is being a cat.
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A big chunk of work I've done yesterday has disappeared, so I am re-doing it. I spent about 10 minutes trying to explain to co-worker that my problem with the printout is that the lines are too small, so if I write something out freehand it will not line up, but apparently that is not an issue, so whatever. I mean, I am being careful, but she is the one who would have to make sure that the right thing goes the right way, because I don't care at this point.

Also, my head hurts.
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Well, I think the baking soda worked on the drain. But something still smells. I have investigated the whole fucking kitchen, and found bupkus. Just the smell hanging around like an evil cloud.

Today it is coldish in NYC again. Good thing I double checked the weather before toddling out for work.

Finally succeeded in taking a shower yesterday. (Don't ask. Showers were difficult this week.)

Mom's leg is doing better, thankfully. But she missed the nice days she could go outside. :(

On my way to work two people tried to ask me for money.

I have been reading "Wicca: A Guide for Solitary Practitioner" again. I read a passage about something good coming out of something bad every time. I think that something good that is coming out of current US administration, all the people who decided to get involved to fix this problem.
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Transferring flist is moving apace. Actually it is moving much faster than I thought it wood, since a lot of LJ's that are on my follow list are dead.

Today got a letter from my neighbor very politely asking that I turn down my TV at night. I am very confused, since I only turn the TV on weekend afternoons to watch DVDs. I wrote her a letter back saying that it was not me. I hope I was sufficiently polite.

My apartment is actually cleanish lately. That is mildly disturbing.

Mother considered working 2 days per week after she retired. But, apparently, the job is way too stressful for her, so she decided to not continue. I am all for it, but I am sad since it's just another indication that time flies and my mom is getting old.

Cat is being very clingy, even though he still won't sit on my lap. He will, however, walk on my lap in order to find a seat beside me.
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I am at work. I did not miss it. Wonder why that was?

Have done pretty much nothing during the weekend. Handwashed two pairs of underwear, put four pairs in a bowl to soak, and had a shower. And that is it for anything useful.

My main book currently is still "Rise". I guess really like the novelettes that are SF zombie, and then I am really freaked out by the ones that are horror zombie.

Started re-watching "Spirited Away". I have forgotten how creepy the scene where the darkness falls is.

Played a fair amount of "Pokemon X". Yes, I still did not finish that game. After all the years it's been out. But I am on the Victory Road now. (Still wondering around in the cave though.)

Dad actually brought his laptop to the company IT guys to be fixed without involving me. That is very weird, but one thing less for me to worry about. Now, cross my fingers that they are going to fix it.

I had made vet's appointment for Shawn. That is not going to be a fun thing to do for me, and I am still terrified that he will find a way to escape somehow. *sigh* Why is everything so difficult and stressful?
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