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1. Today was a psychiatrist visit. Barely managed to drag myself there on time.

2. Was all set to visit mom with Macy's delivered loot, but snow/rain.

3. Applying for jobs makes me want to hit my head on the table and to get a gun simultanously.

4. Isn't there anything out there to read that does not make me very very sad?

5. The 90's animated "Batman" series is still pretty good. Today I saw an episode that I did not remember, even though I could have sworn I've seen them all when it wa on the air.
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I don't know if I have a favorite day of the week. Monday through Thursday are out, for obvious reasons. I'd go with Friday, but now this is my gym with trainer day, and I can't really say it's my favorite. The weekend? Not really. It's even worse on my mood then the workdays, plus I have to clean, which is never my favorite. So, I have to say, I hate all days of the week.
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We'll look like we are in the sixties. Or "1985". Honestly, sometimes I feel there is a little too much choice in clothing out there. I cannot honestly agitate for everyone to dress the same, but it would sure make my life easier. Picking out clothing is one of the things that drive me crazy on regular basis.
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I am not a good person. I'd stick my nose into everything. I'll go everywhere. It is not my favorite power, but being able to not be found when there are, say, people out to kill your ass would be very nice.
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That is going to be very messy. Reminds me of that old screensaver with exploding sheep. I mean, imagine it, splatters of blood and bones everywhere. Not to mention damage to property and to people who did not get under cover fast enough.

Wait, where did the precipitation animals come from? Is there enough cats and dogs in the world?
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Well, we'll have to find some other way to eat cereal, I suppose. Mind you, I am not found of root beer, and I like milk. Do goats still give milk? Because otherwise we will not have: cheese, sour cream, ice-cream, and yogurt to start.

I really don't think I'd like that very much.
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Why would they live in space? Are they fucked up Earth so much it's uninhabitable?

They would have to live in starships or spacestations. And I sure hope that artificial gravity is discovered by that time. The effects of low G on human body in the long run are not pretty.

They will probably were pajama-style clothing or scretchy stuff. It is more confy as clothing anyway, and I can't really imagine a realistic space civilization in formal clothing.

They'd have to grow food in space. Probably biomass sort of thing, with artificial flavoring. I am kind of disgusted even thinking about it.

They would have to do a lot of shutting hither and yon through vaccum between separated habitats.

I don't think I'd like living in space.
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I think people would do much stuff together, as opposed to staring in an idiot box. Seriously, I have my parents being addicted to Russian TV. WTF, folks?

Also, there would be more call for radio programming and books in audio.

Generally, I think no TV is a positive thing for society.
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Well, I'll probably will be in some government lab, having probes stuck into me.

But if I could just fly? I'll probably fly a lot of places. I'd fly to and from work for one. I'd go to the beach. Hell, I'll probably fly out of the city just so I can see the forest. I'd fly everywhere so I can see stuff. And I will take pictures.
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May. It's the month of my birthday and the month when it is still spring, yet it is warm almost like summer. When I was growing up it was the time when my favorite flowers were in bloom. (They bloom earlier every year. Global warming.)

I am also found of early fall, when it is still not too cold and the leaves are just turning yellow, orange, and red.
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Definitely, Friday. Because the weekend is coming, and you kind of sort of can exhale. Finally.
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1. Republicans. Because it seems that they hate me. I think it's only fair to reciprocate.

2. People who attempt to teach Creationism in schools as a scientific theory. Because they are complete morons in not knowing difference between "belief" and "science".

3. People who start wars. I don't care about the reason.

4. People who abuse children.

5. People who abuse animals.

6. People who never excercise the intellect they have been given. Stupidity is forgivable. Ignorance is not.

7. People who promote abstinence education, instead of teaching teens about proper sexual etiquette. Because they are not doing *anyone* any favors.

8. People who think that anyone who disagrees with them is wrong. Or, even more anoying, that (s)he wishes them ill.

9. People who support current US Healthcare system. I save some special anger for the insurance companies.

These are some of my least favorite things right now. Mind you, this is in no particular order, probably not complete and can be changed without warning.
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Today's Big Peeve of mine is people who don't let you out of the subway car before trying to pile in. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. I want to bitchslap them.

Yes, I know it is not a big philosophical/theological/political issue, but peeps? Courtesy is your friend. It still might prevent me from snapping one day.
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Oh, do I only get to pick one? Because that's unfair!

Let's see, in no particular order:

-"Tao Te Ching" by Leo Tzu. Everyone needs to read this book. It is philosphy in guise of poetry, but really it is pretty much indescribable. Tao is.

-Richard Addams "Watership Down". Uses rabbits in a perfect story of life and persevarance. You cannot not fall in love with the characters.

-Nevil Shute "On the Beach". The remains of human civilization wait for their inevitable death as the cloud of radioactivity moves towards Australia. Strangely, one of the most hopeful books I've read in my life.

-Lois McMaster Bujold "Vorkosigan" books. Forward Momentum always and forever!

There may or may not be others that I cannot remember off hand. That does not mean I like them any less. It just means, I read way too much. (And have bad memory for titles.)
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Dude, I am depressed. Everything makes me feel sad. The state of the world. The state of me. The fiction that has happy ending. The fiction that has horrible ending. The weather.

Seriously. Sadness all over.
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1. A better world.

2. A healthier body and mind.
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My favorite room is my room. It has my books, it has my computer and it has my bed. It is cozy. It's my lair.
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Yesterday was in uppity enough mood to do some belly dance with my video. Barely managed 40 minutes, but at least it was something. And then I binged on fried chicken. *sigh*

Today nearly overslept and then had a "fun commute". There is nothing like coming to work already ready to tear someone's throat out, is there? If there is telecommuting, I am *so* there.

Have a headache. For a second day in a row. Ow.


Journaling: What is something you do well?

Erm. Complain? No, I am not that good about that. I am more passive-agressively suffering in scilence type, to be totally honest. Maybe sarcasm. I am not all that bad with sarcasm. I am also not all that bad with written word and small details. What else? Ignoring ideots. Googling stuff. I mean, I am not a google-fu ninja or anything, but in my office I am a googler of some renown. Other than that, I am not so sure.


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