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Tomorrow is Monday, so I will be working. Hopefully we will get out a couple of hours early, so I am going to see if the beauty salon I do my brows in is open and (you guessed it!) do my brows. And then I am going to go home and take a nap. I mean, I have to be awake at midnight to see the ball drop, right?

Oh, and I must not foget to buy candy for my dad's New Year present. Yeah, I know, kinda pathetic. Hm.
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I read, I play on-line, I try to collect all the cards in "Culdecept", I day-dream, I play with my DVR, I look for reasons not to excercise or do housework.
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What does it take to make a good movie? Well, excellent plot and perfect execution, I'd think.

I love movies that are visual, and I like movies that have special effects.

A really good movie stays with you after the credits roll, not disappears into the ether with the rest of the movies that you have seen, and that you cannot tell apart from the hundreds that you have watched before.

(Relatively) recent movies that I recommend:

"I am Legend"
"A History of Violence"
"Shoot them Up"
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