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I am at work. I don't want to be at work.

I have been going to places I don't want to be and doing things I don't want to do since I was 3 when I started kindergarten. And yet, the last few years, it has been getting worse. I think that was a major reason I could not get out of bed before i lost my last job. Sometimes it feels like I would do anything just to not drag my carcass to work.

It was not even that hot this morning, but it was sufficiently humid that I have gotten to work with my top soaked through with sweat. I hate it so much. (At least I don't live in Arizona!)

Started a historical romance novel. They just spent 50 pages getting the couple of the roof. I mean, I could just see the author allocating word counts to the plot points, so that she came out with a novel.

Realized that the Latuda that I got filled last week only had 14 pills. Which means a) I paid the same amount of co-pay for them that I would have paid for a full month ($75 if you are curious), b) if my psychiatrist for some reason has no samples in her office to give me, I am screwed, because my insurance company would not authorize a refill before 30 days have passed, even though the previous med fill is only for 2 weeks. (I know this because it happened before.) I am so pissed I did not notice this in the pharmacy. Well, nothing to be done about it now.

I have a fuckton of shit to file in the office. I don't like filing. It makes me stand and my feet do not like that.

Tonight I actually woke up and went to get some Tylenol. My hip has been hurting badly enough I could not sleep. Actually most of me was aching all night long, probably because of the weather change. I am 40. I am old. (Yes, I know I am not that old. My body disagrees.)

Well, I guess I am going to get ready and start filing shit. I don't really have any work left I can do while sitting on my ass.
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JFC, it is hot.

Yesterday saw Dental Surgeion for a consult about my wisdom teeth. He told me that the two lower ones def had to come out. (My general dentist told me two right ones def had to come out. *shrug* I tend to go with the specialist's determination.) Now I have to find out from insurance how much they are gonna cover. That takes, I am told, 4-6 weeks. Don't you love US health system? Because I love US health system.

I think I am philosophically opposed to anything but sitting near air conditioner today.
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Yesterday I did yoga for 10 minutes which left me sore all over. (Serious, what the fucking hell?) I also went outside to read a book for half an hour and got bitten by a bug. In two places. It itches like dickens, so I it was probably a mosquito, but I swear the one I shook of my arm was some kind of spider?

Today I had a gyn appointment. It's time to check on MOM (Mystery Ovarian Mass). I hate going to gyn. I'd rather have a root canal. I had two (one of which took two tries and required cutting my gum open) so I can make that statement with all my heart. Got a referral for ultrasound and creepy knowledge that the MRI tech 8 months ago though that MOM was cancer (no one mentioned that to me), but gyn cancer specialist I was referred to (without mentioning the above and with being told that it is probably a cyst) said that it was extremely unlikely and did not advice immediate surgery. *rolls eyes* This is why I hate interacting with medical professionals. How in fuck am I supposed to make informed decisions if they don't inform me about all the facts?

Meanwhile I have to wait a months to do the ultrasound so that I would be in the right part of my cycle. Because worrying about this shit is something else that I need in my life.

Oh, and doctor asked me why I did not want to take birth control to deal with my between period spotting, even though the last time I visited he did not mention it as an option. And he is actually one of the better doctors I've had to deal with in my life.
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Medication change upcoming, Lexapro to Cymbalta(?). I am not looking forward to it, but something has to be done.

Morning is the time when you want to hurt your co-workers. Well, the fist time you want to hurt your co-workers. If the procedure is the procedure, don't get fancy, for fucks sake. How hard is it to squiggle a signature on an invoice? Did you get a blister or something?

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As somewhat expected my dentist did the fillings that I needed and just shrugged at the root canal and wisdom teeth removal stuff. He agrees that if it doesn't hurt, I should just leave the hell alone.

Meanwhile, my mouth aches after all the numbing shots and holding weird positions and stuff. I do appreciate local anesthesia, but I wish it would not hurt afterward either. Luckily both fillings were in the upper right side, so I did not have to do much Novocaine shots.
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I have seen "Blindness" based on an book. I liked how stylistically it has been done, but I find that some of the behavior is quite clearly unrealistic and allegorical. Read more... )

Meanwhile, went to the Dentist. Need fillings and a root canal. Also everyone seems to want to get rid of my wisdom teeth, which are the only part of my teeth that do not bother me with aches and sensitivity. Boo. I did not want to deal with the dentist who was there today, given that she was not my usual guy, and that I could see from the get go that we will not get along. I don't do shit just because the doctor tells me "you have to". They better have a good reason for me to have to. So, probably yes to fillings, will see what the deal is with the root canal, will be ready for another session of "leave my wisdom teeth alone, you bastards".

My wallet, meanwhile, is already preparing to cry. Dental work is expensive, even with the insurance coverage that I have. I really think Nature flubbed a bit with human design. Of course, in ancient times I'd be an old toothless crone by now...


Jul. 3rd, 2005 05:59 pm
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Dear life,


(I have just lost the temporary fillihg cover off my root canal tooth. I will not be able to fix it until Tuesday at the earliest, since tomorrow is a holiday. *seethes*)
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1. Just saw the estimate for the capping of tooth. ###%#@%@%#$!!! And that is *with* the insurance. Fuck, the dental work is expensive!

2. Been rereading some fanfics I've ran into years and years ago. Fandom classics, that sort of thing. It's weird, I remember finding them much sexier than I do now.

3. Wish I would develop a plot for the Ai no Kusabi fic. I already know certain things that happen... but I want actual plot, goddamit. Right now, it's just a fix-it.
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On the minus side: had the first half of the root canal done.

On the plus side: Novocain!

Also: have seen a picture of my tooth as large as the monitor screen, and the actual procedure (exluding the part where I was waiting for the Novocain to work) took less time then a normal filling.
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Have been woken in the middle of the night by a headache. For the first time in my life, actually.

I don't recommend it.
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