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Seen the latest "Harlots". I am still interested in the show. I don't quite know WHY I am interested, but clothing has to have something to do with it.

I seriously wish that the fics about the woobiness of Stark in the Civil War movie stop. Personally, I think that the creators fucked up his characterization in it, but if we accept the movie is canon, he done fucked up. He cooperated with guys who were happy to imprison enhanced people without a trial (and Ross fucking referred to Bruce and Thor as "weapons"!). He escalated a spat into violence. (And brought in a fucking teenager. Apparently if children are enhanced, it's fine to willfully endanger them.) He then happily *went against the accords*, because following them was suddenly inconvenient. And then he apparently expected Rogers to just step away and let him murder his friend? (I mean, I don't know about you, but I kind of feel iffy on letting one of my friends murder another one no matter what provocation.)

Steve Rogers was stubborn, stiff necked, there is only black-and-white, moron. But if you are painting Stark as a woobie victim, you are delusional.
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1. There seems to be a pimple inside my ear. It is uniquely uncomfortable. Also, freaky for some reason.

2. I have ventured outside today and barely made it back alive. The heat hit my like a fucking sledgehammer. It's weird though, summer had hotter days, and I don't remember it feeling quite this bad.

3. Still having trouble with being hungry but not wanting any food on Earth. WTF is up with that?

4. Still a bit obsessed with the nonagenarian super soldiers.

5. I want to hug my air conditioner and call it George.


Jul. 11th, 2009 04:54 pm
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I am not cutting, because I don't believe you don't know what the plot of this movie is. Sorry about that.

I have re-watched this movie for the first time since forever. Still don't particularly like the movie, or any of the crew except for Ripley and Jones.

-There is a lot of dark in the movie. It does not make me feel it's atmospheric, it makes me feel like somebody was too lazy to make sets.

-Did any else got the feeling that Ash was not happy with his orders that the crew was expendable? I mean, he picked an awfully weird way to kill Ripley. Could she breathe through the newspaper, you think? If I was a super strong android, I'd just break her neck and be done with it.
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I have been reading Andre Norton's novels, and, even taking into consideration that they were written back when dinos walked the earth and women were womenly women, the absence of *any* females is creepy. The first novel "Star Soldiers" has *no* women at all. The second one "Space Patrol" has three, one of which is only seen behind the scenes asking for help, and two of which are alien mother and daughter. The daughter does not seem to talk at all, while the mother only speaks of how much she likes to eat the food. How is this possible? They are not even the objects of desire or damsels in distress, they are... nothing. And the author is a woman, so I am quadruply stupified.
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Why is that when you have a craving for a fic, you can never ever find it?

I am looking for DCU stuff, featuring Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Terry McGuiness and their masked identities. Slash is very good.

See, I know that Te wrote a lot of it... but is there any of it somewhere else? The craving, she is strong!
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You know, I am at piece with "Merlin" beein set in Universe whose Middle Ages has some things different from ours. So, you know, potatoes and tomatoes thrown at Merlin, I can live with, and then fanfic will show up with stuff that will make even me raise brows. (This has nothing to do with anachronism fanfic challenge.)

I am pretty sure that coffee is a bit... early for Middle Ages Europe. Just saying.

Also, if you say "drunk as a skunk", does it assume that character knows about the New World skunks, or were the skunks named after very drunk people?

Inquiring minds are inquiring.
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Dear everyone,

What is with tortureporn all of sudden. It is not only in fanfics and horror movies we have it these days. I am reading a Mercedes Lackey book. Which I mostly like. Except for tortureporn.

I get that evil Evils are EVIL. Cut it out with tortureporn please.

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No, seriously, I really wanted to like this movie.

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They Keep Killing Suzie )

I humbly ask for me goodfic in this fandom. Pretty please? With naked Jack on top?

In a totally unrelated news, I have just devoured the first book of "Tremerere" series. OMG! How I didn't know about that? Must get the rest of the books nowish. I have never been too into dragonriders or (mystical?) bonds with other species, but this? This is delicious.


Mar. 22nd, 2007 08:49 pm
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I saw "300" today.

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In short, see it, but make somebody else pay for it.
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I know, I know, I am late with popculture. But I have finally seen this movie, and I liked it a lot.

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Hey, is there any decent fanfic around?
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