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"Harlots" though! It has been a long while since I cared about any TV show. But I think I am enjoying this one. And the sets are wonderful! And the clothes make me squee.
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Mostly it means that the websites have black backgrounds. I hate black backgrounds with a passion.

I had shrinkage. It did not necessarily went well. I found out that the center where my shrink operates from does not take the insurance that the Possible Employer company has. There are three ways I can go from there: get a new therapist, pay out of pocket, stop doing therapy. I have no idea what I am going to do yet. Also, not yet completely employed.

Went to my Old Employer to pick up a letter from the HR department. M, one of my ex co-workers is a very nice guy (like, in actuality, not because he thinks he is). He helped me with a lot of stuff and then dragged me around to visit with people I used to know in the company. It was nice. I missed seeing my ex-supervisor T, who was on vacation though. I am surprised to realize that I missed these people. I probably should have came up to visit sooner. M suggested that I tried to get hired back by Old Employer if/when they get approval for another Financial Department spot. I said I would, but I seriously doubt there will be an opportunity.

I had sent an e-mail and left a voice message regarding the letter of recommendation situation with JB, the Possible Employer HR guy. I have not heard back from him. At all. At this point I have actually had an appointment with him twice (he was late both times). I think he is a flake, which is problematic. I am starting to wonder if I should go there on Monday, or what? I guess I still have tomorrow to try to solve this.

Mother's heart specialist cannot be contacted about meds, since he is on vacation. (Is every single person on vacation right now?) She got something from GP on temporary basis. No word if it is an acceptable substitute. She also found out that the med that her insurance will not pay for is $640 monthly out of pocket. She could have managed $240. $640 is ridiculously expensive though.

I have gotten the "Welcome to Night Vale" novel from the library. I was not sure how the podcast format will do in the print novel form, but it is actually a pretty good transition. Weird, creepy, and insightful in a truly Night Vale way. I wonder how well it would work for someone not familiar with the podcast, though. The references are hot and heavy. I mean, it is clearly aimed at the Night Vale fandom, but it is always nice to bring more victims people into the fold.


May. 22nd, 2015 08:16 pm
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Me: Acceptable. Actually did some housework, though now I am really tired.

Cat: Chased and killed a water bug yesterday. I am not sure if dead water bugs are worse or better to dispose of than dead mice.

Other: Dreamed that I ended up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When SHIELD was trying to interrogate me, I kept being more and more annoyed by the fact that I am not sure which universe and/or canon I am supposed to be following. I was also rather frustratedly trying to explain to Tony, Bruce, and some other science people that real science does not fucking work like the comic book science seems to. Then I realized that I have no superpowers and I am not a superhero, which meant something really bad was going to happen to me, probably resulting in superpowers and an origin story. I kept freaking out about it more and more until I woke up in mild panic. I might need some other fan interests.
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(And if you recognize my icon, you deserve a fandom brownie point.)

My current fandom is very much Avengers movieverse. The only character from the movies I dislike is Thor. (And I have a weird need to coo at Steve Rogers and pinch his cheek. Possibly bake him cookies too. I don't bake.) On the other hand, "Agents of SHIELD" sucks so far. Granted I only saw one episode (with a lot of it on mute: bad sign), but I was Not Impressed to the nth power. Also, Ward needs to die a fiery death. His character strikes me as completely unnecessary. And I am not a big fun of Skye either.

Speaking of TV shows, I have womanfully attempted to watch "Breaking Bad". I had gotten through 1.5 episodes (largely by using a mute button), but I have given up. Yes, different strokes for different folks... But I just don't get the appeal.

Other things:

Cannot shake a creepy feeling that the biggest enemies of USA are Republicans. That is not nice, especially since a number of people actually vote for them. Don't get me started on the US health system. And feminism, including access to contraception and abortion. And the part where a number of people at high positions of power cannot tell the difference between faith and science.

Meanwhile need more Avengerverse fic. Mostly stuff where Steve Rogers comes to grips with 21st century. Also teamfics, and Coulson being a badass.
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I am not a particularily good writer, and for quite a lot of time I didn't even have stories to tell. I have a couple of them now, and I am trying... and they are really not working. I mean, at all.

It is unbelievably frustrating goddamit.

Meanwhile, I need a Tony/Steve icon. Or, you know, a Tony icon. And a Steve icon. And possibly a Daken icon, though I'd never write the guy.
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Still haven't managed to check the job searching sites, in case you are wondering. I am not even sure why. After all the computer is on and I am behind it. And I am not even sleepy at the moment.

I merely feel really helpless at looking at the job front. I feel like there are no clear instructions for it, and I am not able to deal with the info and rules that I aware of. I mean working has its own downsides, such as having to show up on time, making sure you look OK, dealing with people, but searching for a job is a special kind of Hell, isn't it? Oh, and I am really not sure I can actually manage to *learn* how to do a new job. My brain lately feels like it is stuck completely. Am braindead.

In other worlds, on fannish front, comics are still interesting, especially (and strangely) Marvel multiverse. I am stuck on Tony/Steve, but I also managed to get interested in Daken and Deadpool. Of course, I don't really like comics as much as I like clear written word... but.

I wish my library carried more gooder comics and that the B&N I tend to haunt had a better collection. I can't justify buying anything neither because of the not employed issues, nor because of the no space issues, but I like to have them? I don't know.

And why isn't there more kinky Daken porn? Seriously, the guy is canonically amoral, kind of disturbed, *and* he regenerates. I have seen less then a dozen decent stories on the Archive of Our Own. That makes me sad.
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1. Just saw the estimate for the capping of tooth. ###%#@%@%#$!!! And that is *with* the insurance. Fuck, the dental work is expensive!

2. Been rereading some fanfics I've ran into years and years ago. Fandom classics, that sort of thing. It's weird, I remember finding them much sexier than I do now.

3. Wish I would develop a plot for the Ai no Kusabi fic. I already know certain things that happen... but I want actual plot, goddamit. Right now, it's just a fix-it.
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