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Something found Julian's foot and yanked. His fall was somewhat cushioned by the sick layer of vegetation, but it still managed to knock the breath out of him. The something started dragging him backwards, making ominous scratching sounds over his armored boot. Julian pulled out his phaser… and realized pretty quickly that he had nothing to aim at. He couldn’t even see the limb that was dragging him. After all the crap he had survived during this war, he was going to end up dinner on an overgrown planetoid. The irony was stifling.

"A little help here!"

A whine of a phaser, and he exhaled in relief. There were two very familiar feet in front of his nose. He set up and used the proffered hand to pull himself upright. His leg seemed to be just fine. He mentally thanked the Universe for Klingon-made armor.

In front of him, the man attired in the mish-mash of Klingon and Cardassian armor was smiling slightly. Julian has long ago learned not to take it personally.

"Tell me," he said, still huffing a bit from all the excitement, "I thought you and Dukat have buried the hatchet, so to speak…"

"Indeed we have, dear Doctor."

"Then why, for all the darkness in space, did he arranged for the supply depot on this space forsaken bit of rock?!"

"Really, Doctor, just because the local fauna is a bit feisty, there is no reason to malign the place. Besides, I am pretty sure that Dukat feels the place is very homelike." It was Julian's turn to look incredulous. "Truly, this landscape reminds me of Firewater swamps. That's where they used to train Cardassian military, you know. Explains a lot about Dukat, if you ask me."

For a second they exchanged looks of perfect understanding. Nothing further was said about the world lost to the Dominion advance. They will get it back. If even Garak and Dukat can fight on the same side, how can they fail?
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Fandom: DS9

Rating: gen

Summary: Garak takes his leave.

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Fandom: DS9
Title: The Rainbow Sequence: Orange
Rating: Gen
Summary: Garak is young, but he has never been naive.

The Rainbow Sequence: Orange

The sky on Palebis is orange. It is the first thing Garak notices, even before the alien smells and sounds. It's his first time off world, and the strangeness of everything has him on edge, despite preparatory files and vids. The sky on vids did not look so bright. It is possible that he didn't believe it could be.

He checks into a mid-price hotel. The orange-skinned clerk is both deferential and welcoming. Palebis holds no strategic or material value, except for a climate that seems uniquely suited to Cardassian relaxation. He supposes even Central command balked at conquering somewhere just for the sake of vacations. Cardassian tourists are the norm here, and majority of the planet economy is based on the resort trade.

The next morning finds him enjoying the weather in the street cafe, a glass of excellent hot fish juice in his hand. Even Mila would not have been ashamed to serve something like that. He is looking forward to the sight seeing and relaxation before taking the transport back to Prime in two days time. Garak watches absent-mindedly as the emergency services walk out of the building across from the cafe and two doors down. They are floating a stretcher behind them, the canopy closed and opaqued. He knows that the canopy is hiding the remains of recently departed Gul Messair, who had managed to do something foolish enough to attract personal attention of Obsidian Order.

He supposes that this cakewalk is Tain's way of welcoming him to a new post. He doubts the future missions would be quite this relaxing.

Elim Garak watches the orange sky as he contemplates the next step of his career. Overhead, a flock of fliers beats their wings as they head towards the sun.

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Of course Garak knew before that red was the color that denoted "alarm" and "battle stations" on Federation starships, but he never quite wondered about the reasons. Sadly, the reasons are more than obvious now, as the bright red stains his hands. He puts more pressure on the wound. It is better that Doctor Bashir is unconscious. This would have hurt. He doesn’t let himself think about how much red there is under the immobile body.

The alarms have stopped and the lights are back to the normal brightness. Surprisingly the ship seems to still be in one piece. The help would be here soon. Federation efficiency is almost as good as Cardassian. He just wishes he did not smell the Human blood. For some reason it was making him nauseous.

Later, when Doctor Julian Bashir is resting in the infirmary, drugged to the gills and out of danger, Garak would spend only several moments in his quarters before changing the lights to ship wide standard, instead of reddish spectrum of his home sun. Distressingly, he still keeps seeing red stains out of the corner of his eye.
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This has ambushed me at work, where I should be *working*. But I couldn't, until I wrote it down. Therefore unbetaed.

Fandom: DS9
Rating: gen (not more than the show)
Warnings: violence, sap

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