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Me: woke up 1:34 pm. Read more stuff on the web. Got a phone call from mom to come over when she gets home and cooks. Get a call back from her at 4:30 pm. By that time is so fucking sleeping again, I had to postpone and crawl into bed.

The Dream:

I meet a friend I haven't seen in years. She invites me for a family meal. I come to her neighborhood in the evening. It is dark. The neighborhood is made up of identical condos. I realize that a) I don't actually remember exactly where her house is; b) I don't have her phone number; and c) I never new what the actual address is. So, I start to look at the houses and think I find the right one. I ring the bell. A woman opens the door. She is not my friend. I say "Oh, I am sorry, I go the wrong house". She says "No, you are here" And then I kind of see past her standing in the hallway through a partly open door where a BDSM sex party is going on. I stifle the urge to giggle and say "No, this *is* a wrong house". She smiles, says "If you say so" and closes the door.

I start to try to figure out what the correct house is and weather my friend knows what her neighbors are up to. I don't go into any more houses. As soon as i finally find the right house (I recognize the deck in front), the dream ends.

I think "WTF?" is an appropriate response there. Also after I woke up I realized that my dream friend is actual my real life cousin and her family.


May. 22nd, 2015 08:16 pm
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Me: Acceptable. Actually did some housework, though now I am really tired.

Cat: Chased and killed a water bug yesterday. I am not sure if dead water bugs are worse or better to dispose of than dead mice.

Other: Dreamed that I ended up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When SHIELD was trying to interrogate me, I kept being more and more annoyed by the fact that I am not sure which universe and/or canon I am supposed to be following. I was also rather frustratedly trying to explain to Tony, Bruce, and some other science people that real science does not fucking work like the comic book science seems to. Then I realized that I have no superpowers and I am not a superhero, which meant something really bad was going to happen to me, probably resulting in superpowers and an origin story. I kept freaking out about it more and more until I woke up in mild panic. I might need some other fan interests.
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I dreamt that little pettite grey haired woman broke into my apartment with a dog and a huge black accomplice of underterminate gender and African-style clothing in bright red. He said the she is there to look for bombs.

I have no words. Or ideas.
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