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I haven't been to work for all that long, but I already want to kill people. Honestly, I don't give a fuck as to why the info is not in. Just put it in ASAP and let us all get on with the joke we call life.

Yesterday did not go to jiu-jitsu. About time I was to get going, I suddenly pretty much fell asleep at my desk. By the time I perked up enough to get dressed it was too late to go. And then I got to the subway station and found out that there was something wrong with downtown trains, and there was no way I was going to even get on the right platform. Oh, well.

So, I ended up at the library. At least I didn't *buy* any more books.

Am wearing a suit and pseudo high boots today. Feel sexy. As long as I don't look at my face and the explosion of cold sores, of course.
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I've been reading this book about journalling, so there may be more navelgazing in store for this LJ. And less compliance with grammar/punctuation. Just so you know. YMMV.

I am in a respectable mood today, regardless of the itchy cold sore on my chin, another one that seems to be coming out on the *other* side of my chin, and former pimple scratches that look like I lost a fight with an ocelot. I don't know how I am managing to feel horny with all of this going on, but I am. Look, I understand that the thirties is whem women's libidos are supposed to peak, but, seriously, this is disturbing.

Come to think of, this might just explain my current obsession with Jack Harkness, which might be in an encyclopedia under "sex on a stick". And, honesly, how does Barryman manages to play him as somebody who is happy to go down with anybody any time, yet absolutely no sleaze? Is that a superpower?

Was back duing jiu-jitsu yesterday. Forgot how much I enjoy it. Also, there is appearently a power outlet in the locker room, so my mini hair dryer got a run and actually dried hair. Though I also forgotten that I have *a lot* of hair, even when it is still fairly short, and it takes a while to dry in any way, shape, or form.

So, anyway, we were doing Ground Defense, which involves a lot of sitting and lying on people and also getting them into leg locks. I don't know why it doesn't bother me to do it to random people. Perhaps I am just too involved with making sure I am doing it right to be embarrassed.

I need to think of something to do over the weekend. Well, actually I need somebody to drug me somewhere to do something over the weekend, who can put up with me being somewhat grumpy over actually not sleeping all the weekend off, and who is not my mother. Because hanging around with my mother usually tends out to end badly. Perhaps she would have been less irritable, if she actually condencended to take the painkiller for her arthritis during the weekend, but she doesn't. I motion that if she doesn't take the provided painkiller, she doesn't have the right to bite me.
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10.06.05 17:30

Trying to learn some Korean that they use in the Cult Center. I am generally not bad at languages but these phrases slide off my memory like water off duck's back.

Right now, as I am writing this, I have my music on to quiet the screaming of a parental unit, who is "helping" his offspring with the homework. Now, that's someone headed for an early heart attack. Oh, incidentally, I am in the library.


Dony with yoga. Feeling no pain.
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09.29.05 18:37

I am in Village, or so close to it that it makes no difference. Weird place full of itty-bitty shops and many cafes and restorauns. Some of the shops have interesting names, but I would be extremely reluctant to buy anything kid-related from "First Cousin Kids". Maybe it's just me.

Other stores were called "My Mistress", "The Fetish Store", "The Pleasure Store", and "Condomania".

And now it has gotten frigging cold and I have hidden in the "Morgana's Chamber" to prevent freezing to death. I guess the lecture is about to start.


Gosh, it's late for me to be on the train.

The lecture was very nice, and I've had no probles with buying the book. I've gotten the old Australean version, because the new cover is deeply ugly. Am now on my way to home on the subway.
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09.22.05 16:51

There is a weirdo on the subway. He seems to be playing a game on his phone and having an impassioned speech presentation at the same time. This is not helping my head. I mean WTF?, man? WTF?

Why can't you just choke and die, motherfucker?

09.23.05 10:32

Parents are getting ready for their Italy trip. I don't know how I feel about that except apprehensive. I don't like to stay in the apartment alone. It means going from minimal human contact to no human contact. I already feel more lonely.

09.26.05 18:15

So went to the F.A.Q. Scwartz. Didn't actually buy anything, surprisingly. Maybe I am growing up, finally.

Saw interesting things:

--A maid walking a dog, probably belonging to one of the guests. I want to be rich too!

--A completely black squarrel, and a sparrow that looked like someone sprinkled it with paint.

--A pond in central park, covered with green layer of aglae, so thick, you'd swear you can walk on it. Local ducks swam through it like mini ice-breakers, leaving trails of black clear water. For some reason very moving.
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