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BODY: THE EMPERESS--a time of great abundance and wonderful creativity, good energy abounds and is available for you to use and enjoy.

MIND: THE EMPEROR--building structures and processes to encourage efficiency, prosperity, and stability; decisions are made for greater good, intending to benefit as many as possible.

SPIRIT: FIVE OF WANDS--trying to work together with mixed results.
Nov. 16th, 2013 12:41 pm


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BODY: KNIGHT OF CHALICES--acting with idealism about emotions.

MIND: SEVEN OF CHALICES--dreaming and desiring.

SPIRIT: NINE OF WANDS--preparing to meet a challenge.
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QUEEN OF SWORDS: expression of ideas; communication; teaching and nurturing ideas in others; gaining wisdom from others; somebody who speaks for others; advocacy; a teacher of trainer; intellectual self-reliance; somebody with no patience for ignorance; words cutting to the truth.
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Mother woke me up today asking me "How do you like the parade?" Confused, I replied "What parade?"

Yes folks, I totally forgot that today was Thanksgiving. Jaysus!

Happy American Thanksgiving. May your turkey be filling and your family does not drive you too crazy! Enjoy the home stretch of the year! :)


Divination Deck: Secret Tarot
Daily Card: Judgement
Meaning: News, announcement, test, culminating moment.
Nov. 16th, 2011 03:35 pm

Daily card

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Deck: Secret Tarot
Card: Knight of Chalices
Meaning: Seducer (?). A message of paying attention to your emotion or gut feeling, but also of being wary of what it tells you.


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