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Long story short, I have done a "refresh", wherein everything that is not originally installed program or files got deleted. Then I spent a lot of time reinstalling the shit that have been deleted of course. The computer is working so far though. Weird thing: the images are suddenly much more crisp. That's weird, because I really never messed with the video card or any files dealing with images. *blinks*

Computer are scarier than cats.
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I am going to have Roadrunner in my new apartment. I am wondering about computer security. Right now I have AVG free edition on my PC, and it seems to be working fine with regular updates and use of Firefox. Would this be enough for the broadband connection? Should I get something else?

Come on, flist, share computer know-how? Please?
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Spent my lunch hour salivating over the laptops in the CompUSA store. There are way to many different ones. Much more than the towers.

There are HP laptops and Toshiba laptops. And also Acel laptops. (I don't know what Acel is. Do they actually sell any of those?)

What do I need in a laptop:

1. Ability to connect to the Internet, preferably wirelessly.
2. A word processing program with spellcheck and thesaurus.
3. Enough space to dock my Palm.
4. Ability to play DVDs.

*I* need to know WTF I am doing.
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And A+ certification actually sounds like an interesting thing to persue. Even if it has absolutely nothing to do with my current carrier. But I would really like to go into the guts into the computer and turn it inside out. And stuff.


I like computers. I really do. They are the best toys ever. I just wish they were easier to play with.

Hey, did you know there is an "Ethical Hacker" course? Hacking always sounded like fun.

(For some reason am very hyper now. Gym, here I come!!!!)
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I have just figured out what computer power is now. My desktop is 5 years old and it keeps freezing.

I need a new computer NOWNOWNOWNOW!

Desktop or laptop, that is the question...
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