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Me: Mood has been pretty bad, especially when the sun goes down. I've been hoping that at least a part of it is PMS, but I started bleeding today and still feel like shit. Mind you the nearly daily headache and the newly arrived moist heat wave is not helping.

Cat: Still trying to catch the mouse whose tail he bit off. So far he caught it a bunch of times, and then it got away when the tried to play with it. At this point, I think I am supporting the mouse. I just wish it will not live out the rest of my life in my apartment.

Family: Mom called today when I was sleeping off my headache and left a message. I called back and left a message telling her that I have a headache and nothing else is new.

Other: I am feeling lonely and yet totally incapable of dealing with people at the same time. I don't know how it works.
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Not so good the last couple of days. I have upped one of my meds as per psych suggestion. Will see if that will make it any better. At least cat is very understanding about my necessity to hug him and cry in his fur. I have the best cat evar y/y?

Meanwhile just found out that the deadline for the Spring semester college application is Sept 15th, not the end of October as I thought. So, not happening next semester.

I really kind of need to go get groceries, but I have no spoons. Maybe I will have more of them once my food delivery comes in and I eat stuff. (I am not even talking about the other things I must do regarding housework, and search for employment.)

The only thing accomplished today so far is fixing Hotmail account on my phone so that it stops retrieving the same e-mails over and over again. It works for now.

I think I managed to break my computer chair. At least there was a grinding noise and some nuts fell out. (I can't find from where though.) Now the chair seat is sloping? I mean, cat has been using the chair as a scratching post, so it does not look all that decent anyway, but I would really like to not have to buy a new computer chair.

Hope your week is going better than mine.
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As you may or may not know, about a month ago my cat got broken. He still ate and pooped, but stopped doing all of those activities that made him Kitty Shawn, to whit:

-Following me around like a puppy,
-Talking to me,
-Immediately coming closer to check me out every time I spoke aloud.
-Bulling me into providing food and affection,
-Waking me up by poking me with a paw,
-Complaining loudly if I touch him while he is not in the mood to be petted.

In fact he slept pretty much all day long, and the rest of the time wore and expression of cat misery.

Given that Kitty Shawn is about 8 years of age (as a rescue, it's the best guess) and is probably the most important Living Thing on Earth for me, I got nervous and took him to the vet, even though I am trying not to spend money on anything right now.

Funnily enough the cat has self-repaired yesterday, after I paid for some very expensive tests, and got scared out of my mind of what those tests can possibly come up with (like FIP). He is now his usual loud pushy self. I do not necessarily begrudge the money in exchange for peace of mind... But I have to wonder What In Hell, you know?
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Feel less willing to die in a fire today. What difference an absence of killer headache makes.

Cat threw up again today. He does it from time to time as cats do. Usually on the carpeting, like cats do. Today He managed most of it in the kitchen but carpeting still got some.

Mother stayed at home for vacation/going to the doctors. Yes, she can only manage to go to doctors at her vacation. Because her both is an asshole, that's why. Any one has a lead on a alteration specialist job in NYC area? So, anyway, she want to cardiologist, because she thought that her problems breathing can be blamed on her arrhythmia. Turns out she has bronchitis. Probably had it for about four months, judging by the symptoms. Words fail.
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Late for work again. I was just laying in my bad listening to my cat sneeze. Speaking of which, the cat sneezed all night long. He can't have a cold, since he does not interact with other cats, but he can have an allergy, or, as I just found on-line a tooth problem. I am going to see how his sneezing is going. If it is still around in a couple of days, it's to the vet we go. I am sure the cat would be ecstatic. x_X
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my cat
tries to kill me
on the steps
of my home

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