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Well, that was... a movie.

This really should have been Avengers 3, IMHO. And those of you who said that this was better than Avengers 2, I disagree. I judge it about the same.

There is a lot of action. More action than this movie needed, if you ask me.

I have a lot of trouble believing one of the key aspects of the plot, which did not endear this movie to me either. I will not be re-watching this.

Did I mention the amount of action that this movie had? Because it had a lot of action.

It is possible that I will continue to complain about this movie in the future. Come and talk to me.
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Little thing I haven't seen when I watched it previous *mumble* of times. I always wondered how come his first stage shield stopped bullets. This time I have seen that the producer (?) in one of the scenes is carrying the shield on the background and is kind of struggling. It was probably solid iron/steel (?). This makes more sense.
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I broke yesterday and went to see "Captain America: Winter Soldier" for the second time yesterday. It is as good as I remember it being. Sitwell reactions are hilarious. Bucky and Steve are woobilishious. There needs to be more fic with them leaving happily ever after, I am just saying. (My Steve pairing used to be Steve/Tony all the time, but now I feel like he is cheating in Bucky in those.)

I managed to hurt the inside of my mouth somehow, so now eating anything that is in any way scratchy is uncomfortable. I am thinking of finding my oatmeal. I think I have it somewhere in the depth of my cupboard. And you don't have to chew it that much.

Mood is acceptable, though today has gotta be an empty day. I just don't have ANY spoons.
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I have seen "Captain America". I wondered for a bit about watching it in 3D, because the reviews about that were seriously mixed, but I would have had to wait four more hours for that showing so I went to the earlier one.

Spoilers )

I have waited for the end of the credits to see the promised "Avengers" trailer. That was very skimpy. Very very skimpy.

I am not particularly happy to find out that there is going to be a new "Spider-man" movie. I liked the movie they have been done and I am not looking forward to the new one. The trailer told me several things: the movie is going to be in 3D, there are going to be numerous people upchucking in the movie theater, and the SGI that I have seen have sucked.


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