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This is a thing I have against MCU Tony Stark: he never grew up. Sure, he has good intentions, but since he does not actually think before implementing the ideas he suddenly gets, and since he is absolutely sure that he is right, and anyone in disagreement with him is either misguided or an enemy, his intentions do a very good job of paving the road to Hell.

In Russian there is a saying “mocha v golovu udarila”. Basically “urine hit him in the head”. It’s used when a person decides to take random (and usually ill-advised) action all of a sudden. With the exception of Veronica, this is pretty much how I see Tony acting: boom–he cancels weapon production, boom–he makes yet another suit to deal with his new fear, boom–he creates Avengers’ headquarters, boom–he decides that he needs a leash, and so is everyone else.

Some of these things may or may not be appropriate actions, but that is not the point. He does not have a framework for “reaching a decision”. He just feels and then does, with reason not being invited in there anywhere.

We can expect a child to act like this, not an adult. And Tony Stark is an undisciplined child with a score of psych issues, including PTSD and a guilt complex. An undisciplined child with apparently unlimited resources to cater to his whims. And he thought that *Wanda* was dangerous?!
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Well, that was... a movie.

This really should have been Avengers 3, IMHO. And those of you who said that this was better than Avengers 2, I disagree. I judge it about the same.

There is a lot of action. More action than this movie needed, if you ask me.

I have a lot of trouble believing one of the key aspects of the plot, which did not endear this movie to me either. I will not be re-watching this.

Did I mention the amount of action that this movie had? Because it had a lot of action.

It is possible that I will continue to complain about this movie in the future. Come and talk to me.
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I have enjoyed this movie, but it is not really as good as "Winter Soldier".

Spoilers Ahoy! )
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Liked it, while hated the first one. After the first one, I was actually annoyed to see Thor among the avengers. He was the most uninteresting character in the world to me. This is much better.

Loki's life gets fucked up because he tries to be too smart for his own good again. I am just waiting for the current scheme to bite him on the ass. *sigh* Though Dr. Banner was completely correct in describing the extent of his cray-cray.

Also, have been playing with Facebook posting, while clattering all of my friends' timelines with crap. I am not sorry. (There are ways to use Facebook constructively. Right?)

Meanwhile, depression proceeds. Though actually managed to get my blood taken for tests and my hair cut today. Well, and watch "Thor:TDW".

And see the balance on my bank account going down.
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(And if you recognize my icon, you deserve a fandom brownie point.)

My current fandom is very much Avengers movieverse. The only character from the movies I dislike is Thor. (And I have a weird need to coo at Steve Rogers and pinch his cheek. Possibly bake him cookies too. I don't bake.) On the other hand, "Agents of SHIELD" sucks so far. Granted I only saw one episode (with a lot of it on mute: bad sign), but I was Not Impressed to the nth power. Also, Ward needs to die a fiery death. His character strikes me as completely unnecessary. And I am not a big fun of Skye either.

Speaking of TV shows, I have womanfully attempted to watch "Breaking Bad". I had gotten through 1.5 episodes (largely by using a mute button), but I have given up. Yes, different strokes for different folks... But I just don't get the appeal.

Other things:

Cannot shake a creepy feeling that the biggest enemies of USA are Republicans. That is not nice, especially since a number of people actually vote for them. Don't get me started on the US health system. And feminism, including access to contraception and abortion. And the part where a number of people at high positions of power cannot tell the difference between faith and science.

Meanwhile need more Avengerverse fic. Mostly stuff where Steve Rogers comes to grips with 21st century. Also teamfics, and Coulson being a badass.
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