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My 40th birthday is tomorrow.So I took off today and tomorrow of work. Since Monday is a holiday, I will not have to work for whole 5 days! Wow.

I really needed to clean catbox and maybe do some other cleaning, and, perhaps laundry? And also I wanted to pick up my meds from the pharmacy and see the new Alien movie, but in the end I only managed to clean the catbox, through some stuff away, and vacuum the living room and the hallway, and that only because mom came by and made me do it. Also, she made me food. Buckwheat with bacon and some other coldcuts (and fried onion) is to die for. Also, she cooked the chicken livers that were frozen in my freezer.

I am still not in the mood to watch the movie I got from Netflix. The time on the thriller book I got from the library ran out, so I have abandoned it with clear and happy heart. Right now I am reading one more book from 1632 series, plus a lot of fanfiction. I am not sure if I am too bored, or if I just can't concentrate, but I have started to read one chapter of book, one chapter of fanfiction.

Perhaps movie tomorrow?
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