Apr. 26th, 2017

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On Monday found out that my library closes for 6 weeks for roof renovation. I have been there Monday before last and there was no notice. I still have 3 library books. There are round about ways I can return them, but it would have been much better to have warning.

Yesterday D. (dad's friend) was taking us home after work and decided to buy something from Modell's. They went out and I stayed in the car. It turns out he parked on the wrong parking lot. As soon as they stepped away (and I do fully mean "as soon as") a tow track towed the car away with me inside. After D. got his car back from the pound, we were driving past that parking lot again, and the tow track has been dragging another car. I could have been more than 15 minutes since it took mine. Looks like the tow truck is just sitting there on the parking lot waiting. D. had to pay $136. I guess it is a nice racket if you get it?

When I got home I was taking the earrings out, and one of the earring backs took a dive out of my fingers and disappeared. So I need to get new earring backs now. All my supply of extras is exhausted.

Today it is raining. Again.

I hate life, people.
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