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Wow am I at work or I am at work.



Repeat after me: screaming would not help.
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I went to a different place today. I expected it to be more expensive. I did not expect the hair dresser to spend a one fucking hour at my fairly simple short haircut. If there was any justice in the world, I would have gone to a barbershop for it.

And then I went to Sephora and bought expensive mascara. I saw a person wearing it and was impressed. Will see how that works for me.
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I want to go home. Preferably after giving everyone at work the finger.
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Well, it's fucking hot again. I must wear sandals, so I must get a pedicure. *sigh*

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Father had a thing on his forehead. He had to go see a dermatologist. Dermatologist said that it had to be removed, but it was not a cancer thing! \o/

Well, Ok then. :)
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So, the blogs took the place of pen palling, I guess? What do people use these days instead of random chat?

(Because sometimes I feel like talking to people, but I am really unable to maintain a relationship.)
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One of my co-workers just brought a pile of papers to my desk so that I could put a sticky labeling note on it. I had to ask her what to put on the note. That was very productive. Violence? What violence. No violence here.

I had dreams tonight. The ones I remember were:

-One where I was very angry at Steve Bannon and kept hitting his head with a door until it burst like a water-melon in a hippo's mouth.

-One where this world was created by ghosts because they wanted to be somewhere, and some kind of firm is trying to come up with the idea to kill ghosts. When they are reminded that ghosts created the world they laugh it off saying that it was a Chinese legend and therefore rank superstition.

In conclusion I might have to cut down my Twitter time.

EDIT: changed the "the"s to the "they"s.
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Managed to finally evolve my Meowith (?).

And then got really really creeped out in the haunted abandoned supermarket and the fake Pikachu.
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Took an hour and 20 minutes to get out of bed today. Still wasn't late to work.

I wanted to call in so badly, you have no idea.

At least the weather seems to be OKayish.

I don't know why my mood is so fucking horrible. It is too early for PMS.
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How is it I show up at work and immediately irritated enough to wish everyone to perdition. Even the commute is not that back, comparatively.

Do you know what really pisses me off? When people don't listen to what I am saying. It's like they are in their own little world somewhere. Listen to me, we can actually resolve it right now instead of turning it into soap opera.
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This morning dad called with an electronics question. I gave him my advice. He proceeded to argue with me about it, as is his custom. (Do any of your less electronics savy relatives do this? Ask for advice then proceed to try explaining that it is wrong?) So then my mother tried to persuade me that a person moving from one job to another does not need recommendations. They are only for those who are searching while unemployed. At this point I had to disengage before starting to scream.

Later one of the co-workers turned a question I asked into something five times more complicated (and longer) then she should have.

Later we ordered lunch and it took the flipping restaurant forever to bring it.

Today (and for the rest of the week) father is not at work. So I have to climb up the steps to the subway (!?!) station, instead of getting a car lift. Of course today is also the day when my knees hurt and my back periodically protests my existence. Why.
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I have done absolutely nothing this weekend once I came back home from my 5 hour class.

On my way there I was hit on by a random guy after he asked directions. Look I am a 40 year old woman whose closing style is "comfortable". Why.

On the other hand I realized that many years ago a man was trying to hit on me in the bookstore near the SF&F shelf. That is hilarious on all levels.
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I finally decided to bite a bullet and signed up for driving classes. Tomorrow have to go to the 5 hour class that you have to take before they let you behind the wheel. Am now panicking.

No, I don't know why. Except new and different.
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Well today is a nuthouse. My boss is also off tomorrow, so that is bound to be worse.
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Today my knees hurt and I have no energy. Of course this is going to be the day when I have to climb the stairs to the subway instead of getting a car lift.
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Yesterday still did not shower. I was tired when I got home and by the time I was unwound enough to even think about it, I wanted to go to sleep. Of course I promised myself I would take a shower in the morning.

I am just very unsettled.

The main book I am reading is a huge 3-in-1 hardcover tome and it is not easy to hold it in a way that does not make me ache. But my library does not have the 3rd novel in any other format and I don't want to give this author any money. So.
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I just came to work and already I hate it more than I can express.
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