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I got my Steve Roger's action figure a Bucky Barnes action figure. Because he was lonely and filled me with sorrow.

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I am sans one wisdom tooth. It should have been two, but the dentist had to pump so much painkiller into me, that he could not do any more numbing. Also, I am not sure I could stand another removal just then, it was pretty fucking painful and uncomfortable. They had to take it out in two pieces. At least the thing they put in my mouth to hold it open was not a horrible metal contraption.

Since the numbing effect wore off, I am in pain. Not where the tooth was removed. Mostly I have trouble swallowing on that side. The pain meds and the cold on the jaw make it annoying rather then tantrum level uncomfortable. It's a good thing I have already took off work tomorrow. There is no fucking way I am dealing with this at work.
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When you are reading fic, does it bother you when the character watches on Netflix a movie/show that is not and have never been on Netflix? It's driving me bonkers. "The Game of Thrones" is not on Netflix. Non of the Studio Ghibli movies are on Netflix. "Star Wars" original trilogy? Not on Netflix.
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Have you heard about ? Because if you like cats, you should hear about it. It's a website that provides you with adjustable cat purr for all your cat purring needs.

I am at work right now, having lunch and listening to purrli. It is possible that I will not kill any of my co-workers today.
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Looks like the foot thing that happened to me two days ago is a heel spur. I know, diagnosing yourself without the doctors is not recommended, but it fits all the symptoms and all the causes.

I want to exchange my body for a better fucking model, is all I am saying.
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Was walking. Something clicked in my right foot, now cannot walk on it. FML

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So, still hot outside. Today NYC is under heat advisory 11 am to 6 pm. Whee.

Also, all of me aches for reasons unknown. I took some Advil, and it does not seem to be helping any. If I had a choice, I would have crawled into bed under the air conditioner and gone to sleep.
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Weather is still hot and humid.

Apparently "The Game of Thrones" is back on TV? My co-workers are in deep discussion. (I don't like Game of Thrones, or the books it was based on. I tried some of both, but I had to stop, because I thought that root canal is a better waste of my time.)
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I saw "Life" movie yesterday. (Which I did not like for reasons that would be spoilerish.) And then I watched "The Bay" a second time. It was still as horrifying. It's also the only movie in the lost footage genre that I actually managed to watch all the way through.
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On the plus hand, I have cleaned my garbage can and the cat's paper plates, plus run the dishwasher because I saw a giant fly in the apartment and I did not want to encourage it. On the minus hand, I did not have the shower yesterday either. Not that you would be able to tell anyway. By the time I have gotten to work, I was soaked and so sticky it felt like I had a shower in honey. Whee.

I was also late to work because I just could not fucking get out of bed.

Everyone is getting on my nerves already. EVERYONE. All people should go sit under their air conditioners and leave me the fuck alone.
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Spectrum has fixed my internet. Apparently some bright light cut the cable for my neighborhood. Because the access is locked up and you need special tools to cut the cable, it had to have been done deliberately. I hope he gets a sore on his dick.

I am starting to suspect that people who draw funny cat vs. dog cartoons never lived with actual cats. I don't know where the idea that they don't care that you came home comes from. Or the one that you can only pet them in one spot.

I *really* wanted to call in sick today. I am just so not into going to work, you have no idea.
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Yesterday got to see endocrinologist. He is overbooked as always. My appointment was at 6 pm. I got there at 5:50 pm. I saw the doctor at 7:15 pm. I was the last person there, just me and the doctor. Every fucking time it happens it makes me feel paranoid. To be clear: I don't think he will harm me. But a woman with a guy in a quiet office? You can't help but be paranoid. Make of this what you will. He took blood. Today I have to call and find out how my thyroid hormones are doing.

Today I woke up to no internet, no cell service and no Broadcast TV service. I had electricity, or I would have wondered about EMP or something. I finally have cell service in Brooklyn. Hope they will fix the internet by the time I get home.
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God, this morning getting up is fucking horrible. I barely made it out of my apartment. Dragging to work was worse than usual. I did not even have enough energy to read on the trains. Instead I just alternated between staring at space and trying to doze off. (I could not really doze off. There is not enough time.)

My mother tends to think that I should force myself to do things. Somehow she does not get that I already force myself to do things. Every single thing. I am net exaggerating here. Sometimes getting out of bed too pee is an adventure.

Yesterday I actually went out and got a pedicure. By the time I got home it was 8:30 PM. And then I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. At first it was hot. Then I turned air-conditioner on and it was both hot and windy. Also, I am having a lot of trouble with the fact that there is a vanity right opposite my bed. In my hindbrain I am completely sure that something is going to crawl out of that mirror when I am in bed. (Yes, I know there is nothing there. That helps fuck all.) Also, the cat started is serenade at 3:00 am.
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I just realized today, that if, gods forbid, I hurt my leg enough to need to use crutches I am soooo screwed. I will never be able to navigate subway steps, or even steps in my office building. I mean, when I have got two good legs I have to hold on to something to do so, because a) I am afraid of heights, and b) my balance in completely for shit.
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I think that the trope of a character confessing his LUV when they or their subject of interest are dying is very stupid.
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Deck: Tarot Sampler
Spread: One Card
Date: Wed Jun 28 10:16:42 EDT 2017

Your Card

Strength is from Wizards Tarot.

The professor of familiar creatures is pictured feeding her own familiar, a wyvern, by hand. The professor might seem fearless, but that’s not necessarily the case.

She’d be the first to tell you that she fears and respects the power of every wild creature. She’s learned to maintain her composure in the face of danger. She’s learned that some animals feed on fear, so she refuses to display any hint of vulnerability. Instead, she snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. The Strength card illustrates bravery and courage.

Presented by Tarot Sampler app from The Fool's Dog.

Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5
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Today I found out that some google searches produce zero results. Specifically one for "werewolf dildo".


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